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Monday, March 5, 2012

Music Monday - 3/5/12 - Sheryl Crow

Well, this day should have been a normal Monday.
Me sneaking in a blog post at my desk.
1030a Yumtastic Healthy Snack.
Reading and Eating a Salad on my lunch
Afternoon break to the gym.....
Yup, that's right... That's a normal day...

There may be some actual working in there as well.


At 840a this morning, I get a call from Emry's school.
"Emry had a fall at school, something fell on his foot, none of us saw it, but, we think you should take him to the hospital."

So I flew home, and took him to the closest Urgent Care Facility.
Who at first thought it was a fracture of the Growth Plate in his right foot.
(Oh god, did I die on the inside...)
But, after 3.5 hours ... we find out that he has a major sprain.

He has his foot up right now.
We're watching Transformers...
Eating Crud...

And, all I can think of is:
"No one saw it happen."


Emry says that he was running or being chased, and a Bigger boy stepped on his foot to stop him, he fell forward and fell FunnnY.

But, where was the Latchkey assistant?
Why is it that none of these things are ever seen?
Are there too many children to workers?

This shouldn't have happened.
Rough housing at 8a in the morning?
Just not right.

Klay met us there.
I called Klay on my ride home, and he thought I said that they had TAKEN him to the HOSPITAL.
Not that they said I should TAKE him to this hospital.
He's so cute.
He was there with us for as long as he could.
But, with no end in sight... I sent him back to work.
No reason for both of us to lose a day of work.


I need to get a job closer to home.
I really do...

It's just very hard to find something that pays in this area.
I'll keep my eye out.
For a lateral move.

Keep your fingers crossed..


  1. Wow, you got your drama out of the way for Monday, huh? Rest of the week should be a breeze. I love Sheryl Crow--we're the same age and I use her as a model of the kind of California gal look I want to exude. Oh, and her singing is awesome too. haha Emry is a very lucky boy. His mama feels his every boo-boo. Glad it's not broken.

  2. oh my goodness!! so glad that it was just a sprain.

    it's awful on playgrounds. i remember, i used to be an aide at an elemtary school. it was hard to catch everything, and it stinks that that is the case.

    i hope he heals quickly.