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Monday, March 12, 2012

Music Mondays - 3/12/12 - So sleepy...

This is how I feel.
Completely Dazed.
Super sleepy.

How was this weekend?
With it being Emry's 5th birthday????
Oh man, it was a quick, fast paced, and fun weekend.

Between the pseudo party on Saturday,
The sushi dinner (yeah, my 5 year old loves Sushi)
and the presents.. He was POOPED.
So was I...
Jeez Louise was I tired on Saturday.

Then Sunday, daylight savings time kick ALL of our butts.
Emry slept until 8:45a EST.
Which is rock star awesome, since he's usually up around 6a on the weekends.
I know, he tortures me with the early wake up calls on the weekend.
I can't wait for him to hit his teen years, when all he wants to do is sleep away a weekend.
And then, I am buying the LARGEST cymbals known to man.

Image Detail
Might have to make friends with THIS guy. OH BTW:
Looked up "World's Largest Cymbals" in the Yahoo image search...
And the first picture I got was the LARGEST PENIS I HAVE EVER SEEN.

No Joke.
Who's excited for this Wednesdays Inappropriate Image Search... This weeks word CROWN

But, we raced around on Sunday, got our grocery shopping done,
And somehow some way got ourselves to Klay's parents for an early dinner...
I called it Linner.
Not quite Lunch, not quite Dinner.
(It's my word, it's copyrighted, I get a quarter every time someone else uses it... JUST SAYING)

This weekend, I contemplated what the changes would be to my blog layout.
And, I'm coming up blank...
Not sure where I want to take it.
Any Suggestions on a Layout?
What's easiest to read and manipulate?
Any feedback would be great.
Enjoy your week!


  1. so glad y'all had a great birthday weekend! that's so funny that he likes sushi. not something a 5 year old would usually like. i guess he just has good taste.

    oh and linner, i use too. sorry not paying up. :)

    i'm not really good at the whole layout things, i wish i could be up help. i think whatever you decide will be great. i like it now too though. :)
    and seriously what is wrong with Yahoo!! cause cymbals clearly really means penis. and thats why i don't search with them. hahaha. :)

  2. Seriously, my ex is a drummer and he was into a big 80s drum kit and he was OCD, so he had to own every cymbal he could get his hands on. Divorced over a year--my ears are still ringing.