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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My kid's ideas on how to lose weight.

Emry will be five in 4 days.

In the car to school this morning he asks me,
"Mama, why do you count your calories?"

I answer,
"Mama, is a little fat... she counts the calories to help her lose the fat."

"Is that why you are exercising too?"

I hum an agreement.

"Mama, do I need to watch my calories?"

"No honey, you don't. You are a healthy kid. I should eat more like you."

"You want to know how I do it?"

"I eat correctly, and fast. You know mama, you should eat broccoli EVERY day, for EVERY meal for 10 days. Then you wouldn't be fat anymore."

There you have it folks.
Broccoli, every day, every meal, for ten days.
That's the secret.

Aren't kids adorable?
Well, not all, but mine sure is.

His ankle is doing better.
It is only a bad sprain. Doctor said that if he twisted it anymore, it would have gone right through the soft tissue, and he would have fractured his growth plate.

NO fun.

But, he was in good spirits today, and amped to go back to school.
Little blessings.

Just thought I share the 4-year olds guide to weight loss.

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  1. yes that is adorable! too funny. i'll have to see if i can add more broccoli in my diet. hahaha. i'm glad he is feeling better.