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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I've hit a plateau with my weight loss.
I am becoming increasingly UNMOTIVATED.
I'm not sure why.

Just a phase I suppose.

I need to figure out a way to get back on track PERMANENTLY.
But, I can't seem to get there.
I'm not eating super bad.
I did eat a bigger lunch than I should have.
But, I was really hungry.
Now, I feel kind of bloated, and unhappy about it.
I'll have salad for dinner.

Has anyone noticed that I'm blogging in brief thought patterns.
Nothing is really stringing together like it usually does.
Have I lost my flow?
I don't think so, I just think that my mind feels... scattered.
Probably just need some more rest.
But, how much must a working mom rest, in order to be well rested?
I don't go to bed awfully late.... 9p at the latest during the week.
And for the most part, I sleep right through until 445a.
That's not horrible.
It's not the BEST sleep...
but..... almost 8 hours... That isn't bad!
And sometimes I go to bed even earlier!
Or I fall asleep while watching TV and then wake up just to move up to bed.

Rest has to be the answer to that riddle.

Now, getting back on the weight loss track....
THAT's perseverance and dedication to keep active.
I think that's my problem, I have been working out less and less.
No bueno. I know.
And when you get out of the habit.. you get lazy and don't want to get back IN the habit.
yeah, that's what it is.
Most definitely.

I got to start packing up to go home.

But, I found out that my boss will be back sometime TOMORROW.

Overjoyed once again.

I have to plan the blog for tomorrow.
Pseudo-Single Parenting Friday.
Nah. I'll think of a better name.
More pizazz.

Goodnight everyone.

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  1. I hate plateaus. I know how you feel - I have trouble even getting going. And staying motivated? So, so hard for me.

    As for rest - I find that if I fall asleep on the sofa, and then wake up to move to the bed, it's enough of an interruption to really mess up my sleep. I'm trying hard to avoid doing that, and get to bed earlier. I figure the rest is a part of overall health, which is what I'm going for.