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Monday, March 19, 2012

Rants of the Curvy Mama: COMPLAINING

So, as you all know, since January of this year I have been on a quest to become Healthy and Fit (and hopefully slim down in the process).

At first, for the first month or so, I cataloged every calorie, all burned-calories.
Not so much fun... But, in the first 2 months I lost about 10 lbs.
I haven't gained it back... Are you proud?
I still want to lose at least another 5 lbs, but I would love to boost that number to 10lbs or even 15!

All in all, I know the measurements I want to be.

Bust: 36 (I'm already there. **Looks Down** Good girls.)
Waist: 28
Hip: 30-32

I recently had to take my measurements, because I had ordered clothing to wear to the Steampunk World Fair 2012, and I had come to the realization that... I'm still EXACTLY where I was a few months ago.

I have maintained the lost inches.. but haven't lost anymore.

It is slightly defeating... but, I have to call a spade and spade.

I have not been motivated to go to the gym everyday at work, nor have I been doing as much ZOMBIROBICS as I should (Xbox 360's Kinect is a good friend of mine... Rise of Nightmares, Just saying.)..... So, I guess the fact that I haven't gained any weight is a plus...

I just...
Does that make sense?
I do eat a whole rainbow.
I eat more fruits and veggies than I ever have.
I eat less carbs and grains than ever before...
I take a BUTTLOAD of vitamins and supplements.

So, it really is just getting my ass in motion and working the fuck out.

That's just it.

So, I am going to go to the gym to walk, run, jog... everyday no matter what.
I will play my VIDEO GAME (It's kinect, so I'm moving) 3 times a week.

I will run around with my kid while he rides his bike.
I will put the LAUNDRY, EARLIER BEDTIME/BATH TIME, and extra MAMA CHILL TIME on HOLD to do this.

I will do this.
And I will complain about doing this here.

Whenever I gosh darn feel like it.

I read blogs where mothers are running marathons... MONTHLY.
Losing 1 - 2 pounds a week.
Actively trying to workout even though they are INJURED.

I can move my butt more.

I got the food in moderation thing down.
Now... I need to get the ACTIVITY.

Please look out for a future post, probably about how SORE I am.

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  1. Staying active is the only way to maintain and jumpstart the weight loss. I am doing 2 hours a day of workout and eating a healthy diet and lost 6 pounds in the past week. Ultimately, I should be able to do 40 minutes of workout a day when I get to maintenance, but right now I want to lose fast. Keeping up the enthusiasm for me has meant hanging the goal bikini on the wall to torment me all the time. You might consider putting on music and dancing--it lets out emotions and frustrations and is so fun you don't realize you just danced for over an hour. Good luck with the body measures. I have to admit, I am hip-less so my stomach and waist are never more than 6 inches apart. I'm built like a dude from the stomach down. haha