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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursdacap - 3/29/12 - Exhaustion - A Poem

Haven't slept
this entire week
Nightmares and insomnia
plaguing me.

Stressful Monday
Overwhelming Tuesday
Long Worked Wednesday
Sick Kid Thurday

A cough
Allergies perhaps
Doesn't go away
is that a wheeze today?

Bloodshot eyes
Congestion getting deeper
Wheezing when he speaks
Oh Lord, a fever?!

No school today
Yes, you'll miss meeting the baby chicks
I'm sorry baby, don't be angry
To the doctor with my sick.

Starts of Pneumonia?
Nebulizer treatments
Antibiotics for sure.

Another day missed
Feeling a tad scared
Need this job
Just to repair

My sick kid
Who can't catch a break
The month of March
Please God, Just go away.

April needs to be better.
I can't stand another month this way
Injury and Illness
Work getting in the way?

Tomorrow is Friday
Should be something great
Klay and I are planning
a spectacular dinner date.

Unless my baby 
Is still wheezing and coughing
Frustrated and Feverish
Can't leave him like that with grandpa.

So, I sit here typing.
Waiting for the next round of medication.
Praying he's up there resting.
Overhead footsteps, I'm hearing.

 Eating like a cow.
Stress getting the better of me
Wishing I weren't alone.
75% of the week.

My new beau
I'm not sure I can get used to
this life we began

My foe
Leave me tonight.
Our war can wage later..

I'm sure it will too.

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  1. Poor lamb. Melatonin works wonders for sleep. Absolute godsend. I usually take 2 hours to fall asleep, take a half of a 3-mg tablet and within 10 minutes I'm out and sleep solid with happy dreams. I guess on the up-side, Emry is developing a killer immune system because by the time he's a teen, he'll have had everything.