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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yahoo Article Tuesday - 3/20/12 - TSA

This video in this article was taken by Matt Dubiel, the father of the 3-year old boy.
The boy is in a body cast after breaking his leg.

I dare not comment on Yahoo.
The backlash for an objective opinion is worse than a lynch mob.

I do not see the TSA agent being rough, or doing something uncommon.
You could hide anything in the padding of a wheelchair or that cast.

The parents were allowed to stay with the child, hold his hand, and comfort him.
The father probably had him scared to death when he started filming it.
Making the boy think SOMETHING was wrong.

You hear about in other countries where bombs are hidden in strollers.
Why couldn't it happen here?
With a cookie cutter family going to Disney Land?

The TSA agent was doing his job.
Plain and Simple.
It's a sucky job.
And I really wish this weren't the way.

But, ever since 9/11... This is the world we live in.

The infamous question, "Have the Terrorists won?"
Yes they have.

Even with our freedoms.. we have lost a little of it when it comes to travel.

As long as the parents are with the child.
As long as the agent is kind of gentle.
I don't see a problem with this.

Like it or Hate it.
My opinion.

I have seen TSA videos in which the Agent was RUDE and ROUGH with a child.
That is wrong.
I have seen children separated by a glass wall from their parents.
That is wrong.
I have seen little girls skirts raised and them patted down.

I think this is the most HUMANE TSA search with a child I have seen to date.

What is your opinion on the TSA body searches and body scans?

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  1. Hey, I'm with ya, lil sis. This is nothing to be freaked out about. I'm glad they do it because one thing we actually do know is that cockroaches always survive and Al Qaeda would actually learn to use women and children because they are heartless, dickless wonders.