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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yahoo Article Tuesday - You can't compete. You weren't "Born This Way"

My personal belief is that I do not judge someone based on their race, gender, orientation.
I was raised not to hate people, or more specifically not to judge someone because they were different.

Our society isn't the same way.
This girl (yeah, she was born a boy, but, oh boy is she a woman now), can't compete because of her natural birth? I understand that they have this "Natural Born" rule to stop DRAG QUEENS from trying to run in a Beauty Pageant. But, then, again, why not? I've seen some very pretty and talented drag queens!

Off topic, sorry, I do this a lot.

Our society, as a whole, is very close minded.
If it isn't their reality, it isn't right.
This follows through in all topics, from Gender/Orientation to Politics to Religion to FOOD.
Have you read the comment section of a Yahoo Article.
This side is PRO TOPIC but ANGRY!
The other side is ANTI TOPIC and EVEN ANGRIER!
There are a few in the middle, like myself, who try to see objectively.
Who try not to judge.
To see the gray area.

If she was born a boy, but at the age of 4 determined something was off...
and then was undergoing the process to fix it by 14...
She spent a majority of her life believing she was, in fact, a girl.

I understand that the masses and the traditionalists (not to mention the hate mongers) are screaming out that she is in FACT a HE, and that HE should not be able to be in a GIRL pageant.

I think that the people who run/organize these pageants should stop being so uptight.
Our world is quickly changing.
And, by sticking to the "traditional" "uptight" views will only lose them future contestants, investors, etc.

I am really not for Beauty Pageants.
I'm just not that type of girl.
I was once asked to be in one... Miss Teen NY.
This was considered to be a scholarship pageant.
And, since my grades were excellent, and I was cute... They picked me, and another girl.
I was told horror stories about the mothers of the contestants RUINING dresses, and chasing girls out.
I didn't go.
I didn't want to be a part of that.

I didn't have a girl, so I will never have to endure the pageants.
But, if I did have a little girl, and she wanted to rock out a pageant, I would certainly let her.

All this woman wanted to do was compete.
Show off her beauty and talent.
What's wrong with that?

Oh, because at one time she had a little something extra between her legs.

Seems wrong to me.

I do think there should be try outs for these things.
And, I think that the serious contestants should be weened from the jokes.
You know?
Serious Contestants who are female from birth OR female through gender reassignment.

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  1. i read through a lot of the comments on there, it's a mad house. hahaha. everyone was trying to make their comment sounds better or more "informed".

    i think that if she got that far, why not just let her stay and see what happens. but i can understand that people are just trying to keep things you know, the way things were, old school.

    very interesting.