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Monday, April 2, 2012

Music Monday - 4/2/12 - Starships (RANT)

Does anyone hate Nikki Minaj?
I kind of do.
I really think she's all an act.
Little talent.

She records over processed hits.
That have no substance at all.
And all of them seem to have a very...
drug oriented, sex oriented sub-meaning.

I heard this song on the ride to work,
and realized how much I despise her, and all artists like her.

Did anyone read that she made the #3 most ICONIC LIPS OF ALL TIME.
She beat out Julia Roberts... how is that really possible?!

Her wigs are so cheap.
She's rich, come one... stop this shit.

I understand trying to make yourself stand out fromt he crowd.
Especially with Lady Gaga (Gag-gag, in my opinion), driving her persona like she stole it.

I just want more substance in todays music.
I want to hear my son humming something that doesn't have a sketchy undertone.

Anyone Else?


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  1. I like a song I can sing and dance too and share with my 3 year old granddaughter. Congrats on winning the zombie housewives stuff. We are excited about the book.

  2. yeah that diva is just weird. really beat out julia roberts. HUH? what is happening to the world. ugh.

    congrats on winning! winning is awesome.