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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursdacap - 4/19/12

Is it just me or has this week been an insanely long one?
Where has everyone been?
It seems we've all been posting,
reading, but not commenting...
Which means...
We really want to "SEE" eachother...
But, life is getting in the way.

Am I right?

This week has been very SLOW and PAINFUL for me.

I'm exhausted.
More so than last week.
I thought I was pregnant...
Because why else would I be this tired?
If vitamins are set.
Iron intake is good.
Sleep is decent.
And my mood is pretty even.
Not pregnant either.

Emry had his second T-ball game on Tuesday.
Nick came.
Not very eventful.
Not awful.

Emry and the other boys played in the sand of the tball field, more than they played.
But, whatevs... It's T-Ball!

I had dinner with a friend last night.
Which was nice to catch up.

Klay is still looking for a jacket and shoes for his friends wedding.


My hair appointment is for tomorrow @ 11a.
I can't wait... I haven't primped or pampered myself in a long time.
I am excited.
I will try and get some pictures.

This way you all can see my weightloss and my pretty princess look.
(Not kidding... I am going to look b-e-a-utiful!)

Today is going to be a long day I can tell.
And since my stomach has been giving me issues...
I'm trying to limit myself to liquids today...
Ususally, a day of water, broth, and juice... and I am set.

So, we'll see how that goes.

We have Nick night tonight...
And I have a bunch to do after he's gone...

I have to give myself a pedicure and manicure.
I have to exfoliate everywhere the dress isn't covering.
Mask on my face.... A CLAY MASK. TO ABSORB EXCESS OILS!!
Don't be mean!

Go shopping to find Klay his last two remaining wedding necessities.

Should be fun.
Should go quick
(these are more prayers than my actual thoughts.)

Friday is the wedding.
A whole day without Emry.... pretty dresses, and adult conversation.

Saturday is ANOTHER t-ball day!
Emry's excited to have his own activity.
We all go.
He loves it.


Hopefully Sunday will be a crash day.
I do need to catch up on my rest.

But, as for now... I'm here @ work.
Going to get to it I suppose.

Everyone leave a comment.
Let me know you are all okay!


  1. I love pampering myself as well, enjoy!

  2. This has been a busy and weird week. Today is actually the first day this week I am able to read other's blogs. I am hoping to get caught up on things today because the weekend is going to be busy. I am watching my granddaughter on Saturday so my daughter and granddaughter's Dad can move. The little one keeps grandma very busy.

  3. totally agree. long effin week for sure!! :)

    you better post some pictures! woot, sexy momma! enjoy the adult conversations and let me know what's that like. :)

    oh and btw, yeah that comment.....yep cold turkey right here. no more soda. thank you!!!! :)