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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursdacap - 4/26/12 - Yikes

This week has been...
It's the worst week ever.

I cannot believe the amount of shit that hit the fan... fell to the ground, got swept up in the wind and re-impacted with the motherfucking fan.

That's how bad it has been...

I don't even to discuss it.
It goes from High School like drama - to - ex drama - to - Tball - dead cat - to impending doom.

*Screeches to a halt*

Impending doom?

Well, not really...

I just feel that way.

Positive things about this week:
1. I started reading a new book
2. I had a hour long conversation with my sister about NOTHING.
3. Klay made me, Emry and my father dinner last night.
4. His brother Jean-Claude (that's what Emry calls him) is coming up from VA this weekend.
5. I slept like a comfy rock last night, and on Monday night.
6. That Hooker guy is in jail.
7. I intend to drink a lot of beer this weekend... yummy boyfriend made beer.
8. Dinner with his family tomorrow, it's grandma's birthday.
9. I may get a raise and a promotion or BOTH.
(Good things are coming... the harder the week, the better the future... that's my theory.)

I never posted pictures from the wedding we went to last week...
Maybe I'll do that tonight.

Love to all.

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  1. that sucks you've had a craptastic week. good usually always follows bad, right!? i would love to see those pics!!