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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursdacap - 4/5/12 - Meh

This week started out as one of the worst weeks I've had in a long while.
Emry had a severe 5 year old meltdown.

This has been building I suppose since he got sick.
At least, this is when I started to really notice it.
He corrects me.
Yes, my five year old, CORRECTS ME.

I told him it was inappropriate, and to stop.
And it did, sort of...

Then, I realize that he would not follow simple instructions I gave him.
He'd be defiant about eatting, cleaning up... yada yada.

It all bubbled over on Monday afternoon.
Emry actually got some real, NOT OPTIONAL, homework.
And, it was due on Tuesday, before Spring Break started.
No big deal.
After dinner, I asked him to color, and I set him up in the living room.
He didn't want to.
I calmly told him he had to do it.
(Are you kidding?)I took it away, and told him that he would do it on Tuesday Morning before school and to GET in his room.
This is where the meltdown started.
Screaming, Yelling, Defiance.. WAR CRY SCREAMS...
for 2 1/2 hours.

We've never had this type of anger before. So I started inflicting punishment.
(Ready for its progression?)
  1. Take a breath and calm down or you're going to have to stay in your room tomorrow.
  2. Staying in your room (other than meals) for the rest of the week.
  3. If you continue to do this, I am going to start throwing away toys. (yes, I really do this.)
  4. The Easter Bunny will not come.

And, once I say it... I have to follow through on it.

He tried to hold his line about wanting to do what he wanted, regardless of my rules, or my decision.
(My neighbors must have thought we were insane with my 5 year old screaming I WANT TO DO MY HW and me screaming YOU WILL DO IT TOMORROW).
It's the principle of it.
He does not get to disrespect me.

I had to hold my line too.
Not waiver.
So, yes, He did his HW first thing the next morning.
Without problem.
Yes after I finally got him calm in his room, I did throw some stuff away.
(But, don't judge, I really only DONATED the toys he hasn't looked at in months, and just tidied up the rest of them, it ONLY APPEARED like I threw away a lot. I do have a heart you know!)

He did spend the next afternoon in his room.
And yesterday, while Klay had him, he spent a majority of the day in his room as well.
(Spring break official started yesterday.)

He's acting better now.
He will not do it again.
I am certain of it.

It's all about holding your line as a parent.
I'm certain of it.

That's been my week.
Work was blah.
Nothing really to discuss there.

How was YOUR week?


  1. Oh yes. A necessary part of his evolution. The key here is to give him options. I did this with my son and it worked wonders. "There are some yummy things we need at the store, so we are going to make a trip."
    Foot stomping.
    "I didn't tell you the fun part. You get to pick which way we drive there and I want you to find the perfect parking space."
    The facts are set-we are going to to the store--but he has some say in the whole process. It's really about control and they hate that they can't control things in their lives, so you give them options. The deed will be done, but aspects of it are in his control. Good luck. It comes and goes as they wrestle with maturing phases. He will retreat again in no time and then burst out again.

  2. I think that's great that you give him some options, most parents don't do that. I'm not a parent, just simply an observer!

    My week had been long but very active!