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Monday, May 14, 2012

Music Mondays - 5/14/12 - Just a Rumor

Another Adele Song.
Yeah, I know, I'm Addicted!

Just as a Mothers day recap, I hope you read last Fridays post,
I did get breakfast in bed.
Emry was very excited to help Klay.

I did get a massage..
Well, I was purchased one, now it's just getting it scheduled.

We did go to dinner.
So... I got about half of my perfect day!

What was really nice, and I'm sure all you mothers out there will agree:
Klay took Emry to his mothers for a little bit, so that I could get all my food shopping and cleaning done.
Not just quicky spot cleaning.. A COMPLETE HOUSE CLEANING.
I am so happy!
(Yup, my OCD is showing... shhhh)

Rumor has it...
That within a couple of years...
I may get married.
Which means...
I may get engaged some time soon.
It was officially said.
By Klay.

There you go.
Everything has a meaning.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Oh, what a magical day! I am so happy for you, dear. You needed that day to remind you what it's all about.