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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursdacap - 5/3/12

Nothing has happened.
It has rained all week.
T-ball was cancelled.
Work was...
Nothing bad,
Nothing too good.
There's a new girl in our department who lives really close to me...
Carpooling is going to happen.
We've both decided.

Haven't been eating too healthy this week.
Need to keep on track.
Klay and I talked about being active together.
More walking/hiking.
Actual exercise.
If the gym's by us didn't require your checking account number...
(Yeah, I'm talking to you Gold's Gym and Planet Fitness)
We'd totally do that.
we both rather be billed on a monthly basis...
Not happening.
We'll figure it out.

This week has  been gray.
The rain was so hard that it woke me last night.
And I couldn't fall back to sleep.

When I did.
I had a nightmare that Emry was hit be a car in our culdesac.
What an awful dream.

Everything is just fine.
Not spectacular.
But not a train wreck of a week like last week.

Mothers Day is getting eerily close.
10 days.
I'm starting to get curious about what's on the agenda...
I also need to make sure Klay has remembered his own mother, and grandmother.
(I'm a helper.. I am!)

There are things I could be doing.
But, one of them is more important.
Need my boss before I can start it.
And I don't want to get stuck in the middle of the silly project.
So... here I type.
VERY S - L - O - W - L - Y.

Nothing exciting for our weekend.
Food Shopping
Birthday Party for Emry's little friend on Sunday.
(Need to buy her a gift. can't forget.)


I'm going to have to do some work.

Oh shoot.

Until Later!

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