People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yahoo Tuesday - 5/15/12 - This made me uncomfortable

I read this article without breathing.
I read the whole thing with the gaping mouth silence.

Children are growing up like this.
Children are doing horrible things!

Is this actually a fact?
Or, is it because our technology makes us MORE privvy to this information?


But, if you're anything like me, you read these things and make a connection to someone you know.

And, somehow, it made reading this awful article WORSE.

People are very self consumed with themselves.
Our nation is filled with self entitlement.

Not anyone on here...
You all seem to get it.

The point I am getting too:

If you see abuse, neglect, or signs of it.
If something doesn't feel right with that young next door neighbor you have.
You see something in a mall, store, sidewalk.
If your children tell you about someone at school, and it just doesn't add up to you;

Please think like a parent, Please think outside of yourself.
No matter what the implications.
No matter how INVOLVED you have to get.
Do the right thing.

Save a life.
Whether it be of the child in question or someone they may hurt.


  1. Good advise. When our daughter was in middle school, we had to stop her from hanging around another girl. She was a bad influence and just plain weird. She even got a bit psycho.

  2. Scary stuff. Definitely everyone needs to speak up if they see abuse. The ones who are not abused but still end up as psychopaths are even scarier.