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Thursday, June 14, 2012

6/14/12 - Thursdacap - . . . .

This week has been mighty jam packed.
But, it went relatively quickly.

I am 100% exhausted.

I get a new boss on the 27th and my old boss finishes up on the 22nd.
So needless to say, the next 6 work days are going to be filled...

Emry finishes up school this coming Monday.
They will have a moving up day ceremony and sing songs.
He's pretty excited.

This week he actually said the prayer over the loud speaker.
He did very well, and even got a 'High-Five' from the principal.
I am very proud, he worked very hard to memorize the whole prayer.

My stomach is still not feeling any better, and I am managing to keep a 90% raw food diet.
I throw in a small amount of flatbread, just to soak up the left over acid in my stomach.

My friend Lissa, says it sounds like the stomach virus she had... that last 3 weeks.
3 weeks? You have got to be kidding me on this one.
I'm going into the third day with this, and I am already feeling drained.
I stocked up on veggies and fruits, so that should be light on my stomach.
Lots of water has been consumed.
Keep our fingers crossed that it's gone by the weekend.

The carnival is in town, and supposedly Nick is going to treat Emry to it tonight.
I am going to stop and take out money.
I know how Nick is.
He won't have enough money or some other excuse.

But, Emry loves the carnival. We have gone to this particular one, every year, since he's been about 2 years old. And every year, he is getting to ride on the bigger rides, and play the harder games. It's very cute to watch.

And...Well... That's about it....

Until Later...
Happy Thursday!

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