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Thursday, June 7, 2012

6/7/12 - Miss me?- a "Thursdacap" to remember

Well, it seems like forever since I wrote one of these.

What have we been up to?
Same old same old?
Well, yes and then kind of no.

During Memorial day break, we had our own BBQ.
With friends, and family.
By family, I am also including Klay's...
Yes, I know... You are all giddy as I am.
It was the first time they have been to my home, and we all seemed to have a good time.
It is not rare that we get together for family functions, but this was the first time it has been on my turf (so to speak). I do admit they have a very lovely home, and one day I will achieve the same.
It was nice to show them where we reside (well, 4-5 days a week reside, Klay still needs two days of MAN time.)

The next day we went to South Jersey to meet up with my family from Tennessee.
It was so great to see my cousins.
It was really wonderful.
Emry practically taught himself how to swim (with swimmies on, of course).
Good food, Good Family.

Does anyone remember that I went to the Steampunk World's Fair?
Well, while at the Memorial Day Family meet in NJ, I met a woman (approx. my age) named Jamie.
Jamie is my Aunt's - best friend's - niece.
Yeap, it's that type of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon shit.
Well, Jamie looked really familiar, and then, out of her mouth she mentions a piece of Steampunk jewelry I was wearing.
Shocked and in awe that she knew the piece, we struck up a conversation.
Low and behold, Jamie was sitting the table next to us during the SPWF dinner.
And I actually have her in the background of a couple of my pics.

Really cool to meet people who are interested in the same things.
Us weirdo's need to fly those flags high!

Then the week started.
The filing folder project from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.
The week otherwise wasn't dreadful.
It went just as fast as it started.

As a lot of you noticed, I wasn't posting, but I certainly got a comment or two in every day.
During those moments when my eye crossed.

Enter the weekend.
My sister came down this past Saturday in order to watch Emry play T-Ball.
The night prior had poured, and it was drizzling in the early morning, but the day turned out to be nice.
However, since some of the fields were too wet to play on, our T-ball game was cancelled.
My sister made a two hour trip, so we were determined to have a good time.
Mexican Food Lunch and Bootleg movies.
So much fun.

Sunday was spent food shopping and my father took Emry to see the Avenger's.
During this time Klay and I were going to watch the copy of the Chernobyl Diaries that we got.
But, the audio was all busted... **POUTS**

So we watched "Pool Boys" on cinemax.
Mindless coming of age film... but completely worth a 2 hour vegging experience.

Enter this week, I have been blogging consistently, having a pretty damn good week.
I'm sure you've all read by now, however in case you haven't:
(insert carlton dance)

Last night,
we went to the circus.
It is the first time Emry has ever been to a real Circus.
We sat in VIP seating (because the general admission was "sold out" **Whatever**)
Emry got a light up sword, and a big thing of popcorn.
He watched basically in awe, and we were very pleased.
I brought my flip cam, so perhaps, I'll take the snap shots off it and show everyone...
We'll see....
We even took a Polaroid with the dancing poodles.
One of them is kissing me on the cheek during the picture... VERY CUTE.

Today is probably the lowest day of the week.
My boss is a little overwhelmed, and it is pouring over.
But, I think we're okay now.
I got a lot of extra work to do today, but, I can't get it started until the copy center finishes my copies.
"Making the copies."

The weekend is jam packed again.
I get a massage on Friday (so freaking excited!)
Saturday is TBALL
Food shopping and cleaning
Perhaps dinner/movies with Klay and Lissa.

You know, the fun never stops here.
After taking the week pause of blogging, and being able to give you a bigger account of my life...
I've realized something.
Interested to know?
Of course you are, I can tell, because you are still reading.

I have realized the happy life I have.
Filled with family, friends and great memories.
I think I'm getting there.
Up where I belong.
Perhaps I'm already there, and haven't realized it yet.

Have a great Thursday!


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  1. Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses. You sound very happy1