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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Yahoo Tuesday - 6/12/12 - Chong

Tommy Chong Has Prostate Cancer

Tommy Chong, whether you like him or hate him, has Stage One Prostate Cancer.
It's a scary thing.

I really don't preach my views on political subjects, however,

Marijuana/Cannabis is a major relief for people with Cancer, Glaucoma, spasicity for MS, Alzheimer's disease, Opiod Dependence and controlling ALS symptoms.

It is something that is grown from the ground.
It is a natural product that can medically help.

It's time to legalize it.
Some states already allow the use of medical marijuana.
But, honestly, it's time this becomes a nation wide thing.

Tommy Chong quit smoking weed over a year ago, for another medical ailment.
He still does not smoke.
He ingest Hemp Oil, to help calm his Cancer.

That's my view.
Without going any deeper.

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  1. I know someone dear to me who lives in a state with no medical marijuana. She is in horrendous pain from one of the worst cases of rheumatoid arthritis--her hands are like lobster claws and she can't stand erect. She can take pain killers, but it doesn't cut through the entire pain. One day, in her misery, she had a friend bring her a joint. She smoked it and the neuropathy in her legs completely disappeared, she was able to eat a meal and felt amazing. Problem is, pain killer urine tests are regulated. It's a horrible position to put someone in who is so crippled that just the act of living is agony. I'll never understand not using medical marijuana. Good gosh, what alcohol does with drivers and marriages is worse.