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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yahoo Tuesday - 6/19/2012 - Fiona Apple

I am a big fan.
I think her music is unique.
I think her low voice and interesting play on words is refreshing.
I didn't dig the second album, but, I saw it for what it was worth.

But, can we talk about her...

Dear Miss Fiona Apple:

You are looking very sickly. Did I miss the memo when you told the world you were from a third world country?
You look awful Ms. Apple.
And as a fan, this concerns me.

A lot of people drop in the drugs angle...
And for once... I say I'd have to agree.

That's how you look.
Like you're losing a battle with Heroin.

As a fan please remember the coulda-been-great Amy Winehouse.
Please don't do that to your fans.

Deprive us of amazing music and a beautiful soul.


Anyone else have an opinion on this?
Or should I schlub Fiona into the Lindsay Lohan pile on never speak of her again?


  1. I always wonder why health trolls like you never seem to give a damn about people's mental health instead of just how they look?
    Do you never wonder why so many famous people have issues with drug and alcohol abuse?
    Because of people like you who criticise every move they make and how they look all the time.
    FYI Amy Winehouse was great, was trying to quit and DIDN'T die of an overdose. (

    You are not a fan, you are part of the problem, it's a shame, I quite enjoyed your blog up until now but I really don't need to see the ramblings of a health troll.

    1. I suppose everyone is entitled to their opinion.
      As, I am receptive to yours.

      Health Troll?
      Sure.. call me that...

      However, as one who used to have a serious problem, and has picked herself up, I personally identify with these issues.

      A blog is a place where you can vent or share about anything.

      It is what you make of it.

      There was an update to Winehouse, the medical examiner... THE ORIGINAL MEDICAL EXAMINER.. did not perform an accurate autopsy.

      Please make sure all your facts are straight.

      Her body was so torn by the damage she did to it.
      It's very sad.

      I am a fan, of the music.
      Not of the way these people tear their lives up.

      So, please, keep coming around, keep commenting...
      HOWEVER, name calling will not be tolerated again.
      As I would never do something of that nature on anyone else's blog.

      Keep it mature.

      Thank you.

  2. I don't know if Fiona or Lindsey think they are above it all and won't end up like Whitney or Amy Winehouse, but they are seriously mistaken.