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Monday, July 16, 2012

30 Days of Me Challenge - The Days!

Ok I have now seen that Life as a Monkey Mom is also doing the
30 Days of Me Challenge...

And, Now that I have found the rules...

I have decided that starting tonight....

30 days.


Ok here are the days and the rules:

day one- introduce yourself with a picture and ten likes and dislikes
day two- nicknames
day three- your first love
day four- your parents
day five- five places you want to visit
day six- pet peevesday seven- what makes you happy
day eight- turn on's and turn off's
day nine- a favorite picture(s)
day ten- something you're afraid of
day eleven- a quote you love
day twelve- something you don't leave the house without
day thirteen- the tv show you've become addicted to
day fourteen- a picture of you last year, and how you've changed
day fifteen- death row meal
day sixteen- seven things that cross your mind a lot
day seventeen- put your ipod on shuffle, first ten songs.
day eighteen- something you miss
day nineteen- what you wish for at 11:11
day twenty- something you wonder "what if" about
day twenty one- something you're proud of
day twenty two- what do you want your future to be like
day twenty three- movies you quote the most
day twenty four- something you've learned
day twenty five- something you are looking forward to
day twenty six- your dream wedding
day twenty seven- photo of your city and what's great about it
day twenty eight- what stresses you out
day twenty nine- three confessions
day thirty- a picture of yourself today and five good things that happened during this challenge
So there you go.. this is what you are going to see for the Next Month.


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