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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Three: My First Love


DAY 3:
My First Love


My very first love, was named... Steve Tarquini.
He was my 8th grade to 10th grade on and off...
(As whirlwind as high school can be)

And, I really loved him.
He was Italian, Tall, and Handsome.
He was really a great guy.
And I imagine he still is to this day.

Thank You Google Search.

We aren't friends anymore.
We were for a brief period after I graduated High School.
It was a really bad time.
During the time when I dated the abuser...

I think we aren't friends anymore, because honestly,
I didn't appreciate how great of a person he was.
I took his kindness for weakness and I didn't treat him with the respect he deserved.

I know he married the girl he was dating at that time.
I hear that they had a baby (a son) and that he is a wonderful dad to him and her two girls...
Who I know he took in and loves as his own.

My favorite thing about him...
From when he was mine...
He was kind.

We had the ability to talk for HOURS on the phone.

In secret mind you.

My mother, who we have established was psycho, hated him.
Why do you ask?
She had overheard a conversation one day, while I was at volleyball practice.
And... he was near the group of people....
She thought he was someone else....
And then just hated him.


But, while he was Black Listed... we would sneak phone calls when she wasn't home.
I took a rotary phone from my dad's tool shed, and hid it in pieces around my room...
So that... when the house was asleep... I could call him.
We would talk until the wee-hours of the morning.

It was very sweet and epic now that I think of it.

I will always keep him in my thoughts.

He is my lesson.
Of how not to treat someone...
A friend.
A lover.
A significant other.

And one day,
when time has mended everything...
We can be friends again.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. Sweet! I often wonder what my first big crush looks like now. Perhaps I should try google searching him.