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Monday, July 16, 2012

Music Monday - Ol' Yeller

Kind of Appro-po given the past week.

I have mended, and am no longer crying at the lack of dog food bowls in my kitchen.
Bunched up towel that out ranked the finest of dog bed.
The little sweater he had to wear in the winter because he would shiver.

And Emry is doing much better as well.
Already asking for a new dog.
I want to get a better dog this time.
I mean that before I adopt said dog from kennel/aspca/breeder...
I get all the facts on him.
I want MY vet to check him, I want to make sure that I am not being lied to.

When we got Roku... 3 years ago, I was told he was a 4 year old dog (by the ASPCA)...
when I got him to my vet... he was an 8 year old dog.

So, we lost time with him because of lies.
He also wasn't well...
ASPCA cleared him of all illness and defect.
But, he had a lot wrong with him.

And it hurts to think we'll get another one and him only live a few years...
and break our hearts again.


I am also contemplating whether this blog should go through the "30 days of Me" Challenge.
It looks interesting, and would allow for my constant readers (online family, is better said.) a better idea of who I am.
And I think hearing my voice and seeing my face will help with that.
(Along with all the other cool stuff that goes on with it).

I think it will be a nice change,
since life has changed a little... it will help me to get to know me a little better...

You know?


I honestly do feel much better.

and I can't possibly catch up on ALL that I've missed,
So I'll start reading todays posts and move forward.

Much like my life.

Constantly moving forward.

Have a wonderful day all!

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  1. I am glad to hear that you and Emry are assimilating the new reality. I hope you can find a puppy perhaps and be able to let Emry grow up with the doggy. It is tough getting a pup that is rescue. You wish you knew their pasts, even just to know how to handle them emotionally. Hugs and kisses. I like the idea of vlogging. I've been thinking of doing that this fall, doing a face to face one a week on the blog. Great idea!