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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thursdacap - 7/5/12

I swear... I thought Emry being out of school would equal a little relaxation.

Last Friday -
as I told you.. the company picnic.

I played volleyball.
I participated... SEE!!!!

It was just Klay and I; Emry wanted to make the Camp Banner... So we let him.
It was nice to have some "Adult Interaction/Relaxation Time".

After the picnic we picked up Emry, and then went to Klay's to finish up a batch of beer he had brewed. Emry watched YouTube (He has a thing for watching these Live Train Videos... crashes, you name it)

Last Saturday -
Food shopping, and cleaning..
Followed by a 4 mile hike with my dad, Klay and Emry.
We were pooped.
But it was worth it.

Last Sunday -
Emry had his first swimming class.
It was... ADORABLE.
He is slowly and surely losing his fear of the water.
I am very happy about that.

We then spent time with my friend Lissa, at her community pool.
Very nice.. It followed up Emry's lesson, and confirmed that my son is becoming acclimated to the water!
After a wonderful sunny afternoon by the pool, we went into Sugar Loaf (a wonderful artisan community) and had a spectacular lunch! (and a little shopping. *wink*)

Last Monday -
Went back to work, and began to get my new boss into the swing of things.
Busy day, don't remember too much about it.
When I went to pick up Emry at camp, I found out that he needed a red, white and blue outfit for Tuesday.
His wardrobe does not have any of that... SO!
I ran to A.C. Moore got some rubber bands and a white Hanes Shirt.
And, I used food coloring.
I wish I had a picture, it came out pretty spectacular.
(For the first time I have tie dyed anything since high school)
My hands were latent with food coloring though.
Which lasted into Tuesday....

Last Tuesday -

Another long day at work...
We had a "Welcome! Tea Party" event for all the new bosses...
It was nice..
It took up a good hour of our time...
Picked Emry up from camp, went to the farmer's market next door.
My friend's birthday BBQ was on July 4th and I was asked to make my Tomato Salad.
I bought all locally grown veggies (Tomatoes, Onion, Basil) and FRESHLY MADE LOCAL SMOKED MOZZARELLA.

Felt so good to get it right from the growers!

We got home, had to run back out to the grocery store for the things I couldn't find at the farmers market...and grabbed dinner for the family.

We watched the America's Got Talent from the Night Before...
I made the Tomato Salad...
Klay helped.

Such a nice time.


4th of July.
Went to the Birthday BBQ...
We wanted to set off some fireworks at home
(Yes, it is illegal in NY, but we didn't care)...
However, Klay's dad (The retired NYC Firefighter) told us it was too dry
and if we wanted to see them... we had to go somewhere that
were doing them.

The Local Golf Course put on a great show.
We got there around 730p, we were bussed from the local middle school (5 minutes from my house)
and we thought it would be a BREEZE getting home, since we were so close.

The line to get on the buses back to the school... 45 minutes.
Getting out of the parking lot at the school, since they blocked off 2 of the 3 major roadways (for the buses) ... another 45minutes
Time we got home 11:30p
Time Emry got to bed 12:00a
Time I got to bed 12:15a


I woke up at 4:30a and Emry was up at 5:30a.
Needless to say I had a HUGE cup of coffee.
And I got Emry a donut..
(Sometimes sugar is necessary to wake up your comatose child)

We'll see.. but I am sure this day is going to DRRRAAAAGGG ON.

Everyone have a great day!

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