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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yahoo Tuesdays - 7/3/12

Now it states in this article:
"We're not talking about just a tap on the bum,"

when I think of spanking... that's what comes to mind, a tap on the bum.

When did spanking include:
Extreme Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse

Does anyone know that answer?

I understand the point at which this article is going for.

Don't beat on your will fuck them up.

And that's the truth.

Spanking on the butt, does happen.
I even slap Emry in the hands sometimes....

I know that WAILING ON HIM is not discipline.
Why do people not get that?


Now, this struck home with me today...
I had a bad parent moment.

No, I did NOT wail on my child.


Emry was very clingy as I left camp this morning.
He wouldn't let me go.
I turn to get him off me, and he tripped me...and my first reaction was to push him away.
As I fell to the ground... I pushed my kid.
He hit one side of the hallway... I hit the other...
It made a loud bang.
It was very embarassing.
I didn't apologize to him.
He was visibly upset... he looked like he was going to sob.

I just had to walk away.
I was angry (at myself) and embarassed (at myself).

I try very hard to raise Emry in a positive environment.

But, I guess SHIT HAPPENS.


I'll sit him done when we get home...
We'll talk...

I don't want to damage him...
I don't want my parenting to be the reason why one day he may be labeled "damaged".

It comes down to the balance.
Between working and mothering.
Between allowing your child to raise themselves and being AN ACTIVE PARENT ALL THE TIME.

I have so much more to say about this...
But, as I type...
I just can't seem to find the words.

I love my son.
More than anything.
I struggle and work and kill myself everyday.... just for him.

Any advice?

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