People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 29 - Three Confessions

30 Days of Me!
I didn't want to write this one.
I considered vLogging it...
I considered vLogging a lot of these.
I'm just not comfortable.
With the post or the vLogging of it.
I guess that's Confession #1, I am not comfortable at the moment. In my life.... Everything is basically calm. There is no real stress... I'm just feeling... not complete; Not at ease. I think the better word is: Safe. I am not feeling safe.
Confession #2: I don't want to live a  healthy lifestyle.
I know that my weight loss is a positive change in my life. I know that exercising is positive.
But, I am exhausted.... burgers and fries taste good.... and I like to eat when I'm hungry regardless of the fact that it is after 7p at night. So... I guess I'm saying I rather be fat than healthy. Whether or not I will submit to that... well that is yet to be seen. I kind of like fitting into my clothes.
Confession #3: I have no gal friends.
I have a bunch of acquaintances... I have gals that I can hang out with if I choose to. The thing is, I rarely choose to. I have a problem with large groups. I have a problem with small groups.... I just have a problem with people; especially women... Bad experiences... You can't really know anyone in this world. Even the person I call my best friend, Lissa, is just a really good acquaintance. I know that, in my heart, that we aren't really friends. I know that in my heart, there are other people she rather hang out with than me. I don't blame her, or anybody else... I have a kid.... these gals don't. Having a child really changes everything... or it should.... You can't just go dilly dally on a Wednesday night... You can't just make plans spur of the moment for yourself... It just doesn't happen. Lissa is the only acquaintance that seems to bother me.... how so? It bothers me when she stands me up. We make plans... together... and 9 times out of 10 she calls/texts the day of or an hour before saying she had forgotten about something else she already committed to. It's frustrating. Klay says I should tell her... that I really won't hate her response, that it will more than likely surprise me... I'm afraid I'm right... And I'm also afraid of making waves... so... I just keep to myself... I just keep everything to myself.

I think the only place that I am truly out spoken about EVERYTHING... is on here.
I am never judged here.
I am always supported here.
And... that's a very calming feeling.
Almost 11a... Just need to make it to 4p...
Happy Friday.


  1. I admit... this is one of the challenges that I hated most.

    And... although we have never met, I want you to know, I do consider you a friend. We definitely have a lot in common... or so it seems from our writing.

    Love ya girlie. Chin up buttercup! :)

  2. I get you on the girl front. It has been a lifetime of issues since my sisters and my mother and then gal friends when I was modeling and pageant'ing that were nasty and catty and competitive. I get guys. I get the way they think and their logic. I have found that making friends with either women who are vastly different ages or stages of life makes it easier. Recently, my newer friends have either been into completely different things than me or are young having babies or older and retiring. Then, no competitive stuff comes up. We don't want what each other has.

  3. I'm with you. I don't want to live a healthy lifestyle either, even though I know I should.