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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 30 - Picture of myself today and good things that happened

30 Days of ME!
DAY 30 -
A picture of myself today
and good things that happened
during this challenge.
I'm sorry, I am not posting a picture today...
Because I posted a bunch during this whole sha-bam.
My face hasn't changed in 30 days.
I know you were all AMPED to see a goofy Kat face.
Will that suffice?
I've been in the dumps.
There is no two ways about it.
I've been a big POOP head.
I'm not really sure why...
It just came up.
But something positive came from it.
Shrinkella posted this yesterday... about RESETTING... starting from scratch...
And, as I know that my weight loss journey was very positive for a while.. it has slowly and surely began to slip away.
Now, I believe that weight loss isn't exactly what will make me feel 100%....
But, I think being overall healthy... inside and out.... will get me there.
My Reset....(in no particular order)
To lose the weight.... for good.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle... for good.
To not let others put me down, so they are not alone.... for good.
To surround myself with positivity... for good.
To do one thing a month for me.... for ever!
To exercise... in every day.
If I wasn't doing this challenge, and identified through only writing about myself, that I was not in a GOOD place.... I would have never been attracted to the post called "RESET".
So, Shrinkella (LISA)... if you are reading...
Want to take a journey?
Let's get this done...
Let's be happy, healthy... and ... well..... not poop heads anymore.
Anyone else with me?
I think that once a week I will write about my journey...
What I am doing to put (and keep) myself in a positive place.

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