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Friday, August 31, 2012

"Mama WORK!"

My son came with me to work today.
At one point he whispers to me, in a very STERN way, "mama WORK! stop looking at me."
I swear I just glanced over to see what he was doing.
Well, we are one movie in, so he only has one more movie to last the rest of the day.
Hopefully that will take about 2 hours after lunch.
We have a couple work books and coloring books.
But, I don't think we're going to make it.
I know it's no fun to come with me to work.
But, at least I bring you things to keep you pseudo occupied.
I even got you two new movies this time.
He isn't being bad.. but, I know he's bored, and that's okay.
But, it's the only solution we had before a holiday weekend, that didn't result in me losing a day of pay.
Trip to Virginia.
Does anyone live close to Virginia?
Anyone want to come see me?!
On that front, I have not even started to pack. I have a list of things I need to pack. But, no actual packing has been done. I know... I stink... But I made 2 dozen devilled eggs last night, and packed a Emry Survival Kit for today's work adventure.
Can you forgive me now?
I hope to be able to skiddaddle out of here a little early. This way I can get home and pack... at Lightning Speeds. Yup, white light will follow my quick movements around the house.
Then we'll eat a quick dinner, I'm thinking Pizza. Because it's fast, and I can throw the rest of it in ziplock bags for the ride down... yup.. I'm a thinker... and stress makes me hungry.. so hence... FOOD.
I lost another 0.2 lbs... So 3 lbs in 3 days. That's kind of cool.
No real goal of wanting to lose an actual number, I just want to see how this, NOT GORGING myself thing works. But, my body seems to like it.
As you can tell, I have nothing much to say today.
I am feeling much better.
My body, my mind... It was just a funk I guess.
We all have them.
I wish we didn't.
They suck.

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  1. I have relatives who live in VA. I haven't seen them since 2005. I would like to visit them again sometime soon.

    I never had to take my kiddies to work, thank goodness. They would have been totally bored.

    Have a nice holiday weekend and stay safe.