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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The first day outside of the 30 Days of Me Challenge, and I am completely unscripted.
Normally, today would be filled with Weird and Cool Image Wednesday... I think the last time we met with that post, we were working on a Color Project. Y'all remember? Roy G. Biv'ing it?
Do I want to continue with that?
The beauty about the challenge, was that I have had a break from the normal blogging cycle.
That was pretty great.
I didn't have to think up exactly what was going to make up the criteria of a post...
And, now that I have realized my rut... I want to go forward with a renewed sense of self....
Yesterday and Today I have been more active.
This makes my pain syndrome scream, but regardless of that, I keep moving.
I'm not talking crazy aerobics... Just up and down the stairs... more than normal. There is roughly 8 flights of stairs in my building. Going down them isn't the problem, it's going up. So, I have gone down the stairs whenever possible today, and have gone up at least 3 times. That's something, right?
Once again, my body hates this. And do you know what I say? SCREW YOU BODY! The brain is in charge now, and it says that you will get used to it!
I have also been doing twice the work I normally am. My new boss is very happy to let me take on a lot of responsibility and I am VERY okay with that.
I like to be busy, it does, however, interfere with my posting. I find that the only moments I have to post now are either first thing in the morning OR the last thing in the afternoon. So, it seems that I will have to make more time at home (Like there is any!) for my postings.

Skip a day? You're right I could. I choose not to. This is my place, and for the past... what is it now? 2 years? I have been posting on this place DAILY. It is my constant. You are all my constants.
I really like ice cold water.
Just thought I share that with you.
You know what I like more.... CREAM SODA.
Will I have it?
Maybe a sip later.
I have had 1/2 of a 20oz. sitting in my fridge for the better part of this week.
So.. that shows progress right? Not downing the whole thing in one epic commercial-esque sip?
***momentary break***
The summer has really flown by, Emry starts school next Wednesday... And he will be taking the big boy bus (as I think I already shared with y'all), and he is EPICALLY excited.
We got all of his school clothes and supplies... I think we are really set.
My worry right now, is that he seems to be winding down again... reverting to the crazy, out of control behavior from the Spring. Like he gets bored of being good and tries his hand at the bad side. I am trying to work this out, so that when he starts the school year, he will be straight as an arrow.
This morning, he was very defiant, and in front of all the camp counselors to boot. I told him we would deal with this later and not to forget his behavior this morning. I think the punishment for that is that I'm going to put away, and limit play time with his Thomas the Train stuff. (If you are just tuning in, that's Emry's favorite, and the majority of his toys. This being taken away/limited will result in the "Cold Water to the Face" Effect.)
Well.. my friends... it is a pleasure to be back, without a script, and I look forward to more aimless.. but well written (in my humble opinion) posts.
Does anyone want to share 1 post that they missed the most during the challenge? This way, I'll be sure to commit to that one!
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