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Monday, September 24, 2012

Parenting Woes

I have a good son
I have a good son, who is sometimes a little shit.
I have a good son, who is sometimes a little shit, who makes me want to jump off a very high bridge.
I have a good son, who is sometimes a little shit, who makes me want to jump off a very high bridge, while ingesting pop rocks and Pepsi.
There we go.
Center of Attention.
My son has a problem when he is not the center of attention...
My son has a problem when there is a group of people, and he is not the leader of the group.
I'm not sure.
And I can't figure out what triggers it.
But, the only out bursts that we have anymore consist of:
  • Being in a group of people adults.
  • Out at a restaurant/mall/fair
  • With a lot of visual stimulation
  • A lot of adult conversation
  • Minimal child activities
  • The adults not having constant focus on Emry.
Now... these outbursts are like a slow leak in a tire.
They just keep happening, and getting bigger... until... it's uncontrolled.
Why don't I address the behavior?
Well, I do... I am on top of my shit.
Or at least I think I am.
I pull him aside, I do not belittle/yell at him in front of people (that would be wrong).
But, when it comes to these social leaks... You can discuss it a MILLION times... He just keeps getting... progressively more defiant.... ignores you...
Until, well, I won't allow it any longer and I take him home.
But, by this point, I am so stressed and anxious... and far gone... All I want to do is yell... and freak out.....
And I do...
Not to the extreme... but I let it out....
And then... the next day.... he's fine.
Like nothing ever happened.
Back to his normal self.
I want to know how I can stop these problems before they result in me going home.
I want to know the tools I can use in order to break through to my child... so that we can continue to have a good time...........
I don't ignore him when we are with a group of adults... The adults talk to him as well....
It just doesn't make sense.
Klay thinks that he is trying to be "cool" in front of the adults.
Especially the FEMALE ones.
I think that he is bored, and will push my every button in order to go home.
Because lying in bed, not playing with anything, MUST be more fun than being outside on a beautiful day looking at cool stuff, playing games, and having Mama hang out with her friends before sundown for once in the past YEAR.
Do you see my personal problem?
Do you see why I need to find some sort of solace... or ZEN way to get to the bottom of this.
Parenting Woes... from the Twenty Seven Year Old Working Quasi Single Mom.

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