People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, October 5, 2012

Being Me: Statements of Affirmation

Being Me.
Being You.
Being Confident in yourself...
Owning yourself.
Owning your actions.
Standing up and being accountable for all that is in your hands.
Not making excuses for yourself, or for others.
Letting your freak flag fly high, while being a productive, successful adult.

Knowing that there will be bad days, and embracing them when they come.
Why? Because there is always the BRIGHTEST sun right after the DARKEST storm.

Never apologizing for who you are.
Never putting others down so you can feel superior.
Associating with the people of quality, not associating with people just for quantity.
Loving yourself, so that you show love to others.
Letting your inner beauty shine through (and overpower) your outer beauty.
Smiling even though your crying on the inside.
Seeing the brighter side, even when others only want to wallow in the shadows.
Being able to laugh at yourself.

Being able to call yourself out on your faults.
Trying to improve yourself... taking positive steps... daily.


Kicking the chores to the side, so that you can enjoy your family.
Enjoying your family, even though you are ALL doing chores.


Realizing that crying is not necessarily a weakness.
Using your sadness to propel you into joy.
Being Me.
Not so Easy.
But, completely worth it.


  1. Oh, that was a fantastic post. I am feeling so very good about myself after reading that. I think what you're saying is that, enjoy the human experience--you get a redo every single day and if you're smart enough to adapt and change, accept and work hard, you can have benefits that are only possible in this human plane. Okay, I'm ready to go out and tackle the world now, thank you.

  2. Nice post. Like Autumnforest said, I am feeling good about my life.