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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dear My Love & THE LIST

Dear My Love:

Haven't you wanted to be with me? And, dear my love, haven't you longed to be free?

Uhhhhh...... Evanescence reference.... Don't know where that came from...

Moving on.



I had wonderful suggestions so, next to the last 5 ideas on the list, I will list a blog link for where it came from.
  1. Go to an Awesome Halloween Event... like a Cheesy Haunted House.
  2. Go on a real Ghost Hunt.
  3. Hike up that mountain that overlooks Lake Minnewaska... AKA: stop being such a baby about heights, and falling.
  4. Bake something edible, and not like cupcakes... like a cake, or a cobbler or something.
  5. Read at least one book a month.
  6. Get a mani/pedi.
  7. Do Processed Food & Red meat Fast: One week of just Veggies and Fruits.
  8. Stick to my guns, and pre-make dinners for the freezer, instead of saying I'm going to do it and forget. (Atleast twice a month.... don't want to overpack the freezer)
  9. Buy a set of free weights, and exercise 2x a week at home.
  10. Actually take 3x a week to walk/jog for 20minute (or more) intervals.
  11. Date Night. It's been too long.
  12. Go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art OR ANY MUSEUM.
  13. Pumpkin Picking
  14. Play my guitar at least once a month.
  15. *WILD CARD 1* Meditate Regularly (by Autmumn Forest @ Ghost Hunting Theories\
  16. *WILD CARD 2* Spa Day (by My buddy @ Girl's Got Shine!)
  17. *WILD CARD 3* Buy something sexy for myself (and Klay) (by Britney @ It's on Random!)
  18. *WILD CARD 4* Go skiing (a fear of mine) (suggested by my dad, he doesn't blog.. lol)
  19. *WILD CARD 5* Clean out my closet  (by My buddy @ Girl's Got Shine!)
  20. *WILD CARD 6* Test Drive a HOT car (by Britney @ It's on Random!)
As I said, when I accomplish something, I will let you guys know.
20 tasks in one year... HOW HARD CAN THAT BE?


  1. super fun list!! you can totally get all this done in a year!

  2. Hell yeah! I made two!!!!! I still think they are all great! I do the two I recommended to you on a regular basis now if I'm ever in a rut or just need it :)