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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting into the "Spirit" of Halloween

So, this past weekend... Klay and I took a couple hours to ourselves... and went to SPIRIT HALLOWEEN.
I decided to give y'all a picture post of our adventure.
Lots of fun... with us being really goofy.


Here we go: First we must start with the "WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET" poses. Yup, there's Klay.... Looking like a viking. I made him try on two helmets.... Because I couldn't ... Repeat couldn't stop giggling over this stuff.
Then we decided to take a couple shot. You know... with a shark eating my head.. and him ready to go to a

There were SO MANY set us. All of them moving. With noises, and sounds... and... well creeptastic wonders.

The Teddy bear was really cute. At least to me... Not sure why he was in a Halloween store.... LOOK HOW CUTE?!

This is potentially why Klay and I will never have a baby. I swear this is EXACTLY what Klay's baby would look like.

You can be pretty... even in a horrific Gas MASK!
Yup Klay found play swords...
And a mask... I think this is a PERFECT HALLOWEEN COSTUME!
So there you have it... Our adventure in Spirit Halloween.
What do you do to get into the Spirit of Halloween?
Do you still dress up? I know I do.

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