People Just as Crazy as Me

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'll admit....

...that I got this idea from Not the Life I ordered - Sue!

...that I would rather be unhealthy than healthy, but try very hard to be as healthy as possible.

...that I have very little patience.
...that sometimes I'll just flat out cry... It feels good to release.

...that I wish I lived a rich and easy life.

...that I could eat Indian Take-out, on a daily basis.

...that I am a private person in reality... but will vent 90% of my shit here. Figure that one out.

...that I have far too many holiday themed socks.

...that liars, in my book, are the scum of the earth. I meant 'scum of the earth.'

...that most of the time, I am dreaming about being in my bed, watching stupid, mind-numbing television, and eating every category of junk food... sweet, salty and savory.
...that if I happen to have a bottle of soda in the fridge, and it goes flat, I will pour out whatever remains. I hate flat soda.
...that I recently updated my contact information at work to reflect my maiden name... and the backlash... and stupidity from others is making me wish that I didn't.
...that I will write entire posts.... and then just delete them.... There are just somethings I can't post.
...that I don't mind advice from everyone... even though I may not follow all opinions to a "T".

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  1. You are such a delightful writer and so real. Keep being you, dear.