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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's finally happened

My car is on it's way out.
It's official.
My 2006 Scion xB (with approximately 136,000 miles on it), has met it's match.
I keep having to do these costy repairs on it.
It just comes down to the fact that I rather have a car loan, then pay 5 times the amount on a car repair.
That makes sense right?

So... at the present time, I am looking into the following vehicles.
2013 Ford Fiesta
2013 Nissan Versa
2013 Kia Rio
2013 Scion iQ
They are all kind of in my range. The Scion iQ is a little above (at $16,000)... But right now a lot of the dealerships have amazing financing deals.... I might be able to get the Fiesta for a great deal....
We'll see.
With all the miles I drive to work, it needs to be a new car.
It needs to be reliable, and have great gas mileage on the highway..... It should be big enough to carry Emry, myself, Klay, and a few bags of groceries.
I don't need a truck or an SUV... it doesn't have to be pretty... It just has to get me through the next 6 or 7 years.... Let it be known that I drive about 20,000 miles a year (give or take a few).
Anyone have any input?
Send me good energy either way, for the right sales person (one with a soul would be preferable)... to get me into the right car for me.

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  1. ooooooo!!! new car! i totally agree i would rather have a payment than dump money into a cluncker for sure!

    i like the color of the scion, i hear good things about the fiesta! good luck! can't wait to see what you end up getting!