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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Uninspired by the Good.... True Story

Work has been insane.

I sit here, with some free time, ready to vent out to the world...

And nothing comes.


And, I realize that I am mostly inspired by ... the bad stuff... I rarely write about the GOOD.

That's actually quite a big problem.

........ A lot of good things are in my world.  . . . On a DAILY basis.

Why not write about them? Why do they not SPARKLE as much as the bad stuff?

By writing about the good, won't I be in the mind-set of good? and thus allow positivity to fill me? and direct me onward to future positive events?

Just saying.
Makes sense to me.

Then WHY... can't I just do it?

Good Good  Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good
Good Good  Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good

Hmmmm...... I don't think that's exactly what I am going for here....

Emry read me a book while we were at the Library last Sunday.
(ooh that's good... let's discuss this)
Where we live, you can't just sign up for a library card, and start to check out books.
The library card comes in the mail. SO, instead of checking out numerous books, we hung out in the children's room... and I read a few to him, and the last book (Clifford makes a Friend)... I realized that he was reading it to me... ALL OF IT..... It was pretty spectacular.

I never really realized how large our library was... I hadn't been there since I was little, and then.. it was in a different building. I remember having to climb HUGE STAIRS to get into it... Now, they have it in the old Train Station building.
It's beautiful.

Emry likes it even more so... because it used to be where the trains were. He is over the moon about trains.....

We went hiking... (another good thing... continue to discuss)
(It does not mean that I completed #3 of the list... unfortunately we don't think Emry can handle hiking up the Mountain at Lake I'm this was just prep work for when that comes.)
So we went hiking at Winding Hills... which is about 10 minutes from home.
There is a beautiful lake, and you can take numerous trails around it.
We all had a great time.
Brought a small picnic, and then played on the playground they have near the BBQ stations.
It was wonderful and beautiful... and AMAZING family time.

I think, even if it's just to myself, I should write down 3 good things that happen a day....
Just so I can start to be more inspired by the amazing things in my world.

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