People Just as Crazy as Me

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A day without meat and carbs and processed food...

is a day without happiness!

**giggle* Just kidding.

But, Day 3 is in full swing over here. . . . and I am having headaches.
I ate my soup at 10a, thinking my body needed nourishment... and now...
Still... this picking headache.

Breakast was OJ and Strawberries.
Lunch - the soup (I already downed), veggies, and avacado mash... Lots of water.
Dinner.... oh god who cares.

I am starving... I don't care how clean my body gets on the inside...


**Deep Breath**

It's almost Friday.
I can make it a few more days.

I hope.


I wanted to make Kale Chips last night, but once we got home, made Emry dinner, did a hw worksheet, and then ran back out of the house to go pick up Cat food....and then FORGOT to buy the freaking KALE... I realized it was not meant to be.

I rather the salty potato kind anyway....
a few more days a few more days a few more days.

This cleanse is just to rid my body of a lot of the crap I have put into it recently.
It's supposed to be making me feel better... you know, less bloated, my skin should "glow" a little more... regularity in the bathroom.......I'm sorry, I know, TMI, but it had to be said.


Tonight is Parent Teacher Conference night for Emry.
I'm not really worried this year.
By this point last year, I had heard from the Teacher and Principal of that INSANE CATHOLIC SCHOOL 50 times.
This year... He has stayed in the green of the behavior chart every day except for 1.
He gets stars and Great Jobs on everything that comes back in his folder.

I am not worried.


Going for my veggies now.
I'm starving.
This stinks.


  1. maybe you should make smoothies. those usually help me feel fuller longer. add some veggies, fruit, splash of OJ. sounds like a good meal to me. :)

  2. I tried a similar diet and was so sick of the soup after a couple of days. I did feel better and lost some weight. So at the end, it was worth it.