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Friday, November 9, 2012

Delete? Unsubscribe? JUST MAKE IT GO AWAY

After yesterday's post about Blogging Infomercials .... I got a new found sense of what is helpful and what is not.

If a blog has completely turned upside down, and cannot write a real post... one that isn't sponsored by "this lame toy company".... than I shouldn't have to see it.

If you hide the blog... you still see the posts pop up.

If you unsubscribe... you still see the posts pop up...

For Christmas-sake!

I love the blogs I read. I find pieces of advice there, humor, sympathy, empathy... etc.

If I wanted commercials... I'd turn on the television.
Just saying.

So... How do I make it go away?
Anyone want to help me here?
Because anything I try... thanks to this new Blogger Layout... DOESN'T WORK.

If you are going to ask me.. are you the kind of person that Un-Friends people on Social Media sites?
Yes. Yes I am.

I keep an anonymous life online. None of my social media sites have my real name.....
And, Facebook, for instance, I only have family... and very close friends.

I don't believe that Social Media, is the best way to network myself professionally... I do not like the fact that business are searching to find potential employees. I think it's way too Big Brother.

I like me my privacy.

And as for here... this is for me. 100% for me.
I get to say what I want to see on a daily basis.

(once again, as Good Job Momma pointed out, it is very clear the site in which I am referencing... and I've just had it. Like a bad breakup... I'm getting rid of all remnants.)

Anyone out there?

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  1. i know there is a way. i'm gonna see if i can figure it out and i'll let you know if i came up with anything. :) crazy blogger making things more complicated than needed.