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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did you hear who won?




"Did you hear who's won?"

"Huh? Who won what kiddo?"

"Mama, the President Mama" *insert DUH voice here*

"OH, gotcha... who won Emry?"


**snickers** "You want to try that name out again."

"Mama, our President is The ROCK BOMBOM"
"Honey, I swear his name is BA-Rack O-BAM-AH."

"Mama, this is the United States of Merica here... It's BOMBOM."

*Smiles* "Close enough kiddo. You're right BomBom won again."


"Yes, honey."

"What happened to the catcher's mitt?"


"He beat the catcher's mitt! Do they play baseball to see who's president?"

*blinks rapidly* "Mitt.... Mitt Romney?"

*Emry nods*

"Mitt Romney is a person, not a catcher's mitt, and they do not play baseball... we vote, remember how I told you I had to vote?"

*Emry nods*
"Oh... okay Mama... I thought it be cool if they played for it."

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