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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I shop at Wal-Mart

Now, for all of you that regularly follow this blog. You know me. You know my ups and downs. You know how hard I work to provide a stable life for my son. I am by no means rich... however, I am by no means poor.


This is my war cry for the day.
Now no matter where you go, you will hear good and bad things about this business. There are numerous websites that depict the... oddities that are sometimes found at Wal*mart. You can even find funny comments about it as well.

However, in my world... Wal*Mart, and their amazing deals, are a necessity.
Have you ever tried to get everything you needed at a GROCERY STORE?
You wind up spending 3x the price on cleaning products, paper products, laundry detergent, Canned goods... HELL........ EVERYTHING IS MORE EXPENSIVE IN A GROCERY STORE!

Now, I will admit, there are just certain things that I will not buy at a Wal*Mart. For instances, fresh meats or produce. Yes, you see on TV that Wal*Mart advertises that "you can't tell the difference in our steaks!" And that may be true. But, by time I go grocery shopping... the quality meats... if there ever were any... have been picked through and are gone. Produce? Well, that's a hit or miss situation. Not because it isn't quality produce... but because:
  1. It's either been picked through by the masses and looks utterly gross

  2. The workers, who really hate their jobs, haven't stocked it correctly, or haven't maintained keeping the bugs off of it. My Wal*Mart... well, let's just say Fruit Flies are in HIGH numbers all year long. It's really gross.
So for produce and meats... I go to the grocery store.

I also, really try to stay away from their deli section too. If I have to, then I will... but otherwise, grocery store is so much more simple. Why? because at Wal*Mart... you have to wait an hour. The lack of staffing, and the long deli lines... make for a horrible situation.

Everything else.
I purchase at Wal*mart.

Emry's snow boots and snow suit?
(by the way, $30.. that's all I spent on those things... if you went anywhere else by us... it's $60 minimum)

Cool Graphic T-Shirts for me?
(I'm a mom, and if I am not in my work clothes, I need something I can wear and not care if I get dirty in.)

(I get the jeans from Children's place... they just hold up better)

Bathroom Towels and Decor?
Allergy products, Oral care, Shampoo, Cat litter, picture frames, etc.
I shop at Wal*Mart, and I am not ashamed of it.

Now you may think that the above picture is the standard Wal*Mart shopper. Mother with a bazillion kids... with a welfare check...
You know what... Maybe it is... BUT SO WHAT?
If that welfare check, food stamps, WIC, etc... Is what gets her and her family by.. THEN SO WHAT?
Would you rather her family starve?
Now that we are getting into the depths of the Christmas Season, we should all be reflective.
Never cast judgement...
The only one to judge... well, is whatever/whomever watches from above us.
If I can make my dollar go farther.
If I can keep a few extra dollars in my pocket to save for something nice later on...
If you shop at Wal*Mart, and are ashamed of the way people constantly look down on others for shopping there... Link this on your blog.
Show where it came from...
Maybe together, we can all get the idea through.
Just because we shop at Wal*Mart does not mean we are:
  1. Trash
  2. Poor
  3. Uneducated
  4. Dirty
  5. Not hardworking
This is my war cry for the day!


  1. i too shop at walmart. haha. i'm totally okay with it, no shame. it is pretty entertaining to go as well. so you get shopping and a show sometimes. my favorite website is peopleofwalmart. it's pretty awesome. :)

  2. Good girl! You're not stupid. Prices still should ultimately make the choice. It's just commonsense.