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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's Recap! Sandy - Halloween - Work

As previously stated, my area was affected by Hurricane Sandy. As you can see.. this storm was HUGE. This storm was also met by a Snow Storm, that affected a lot of Central and Southern US residents.
But, the rain, the wind... and the overall havoc of Sandy... Was felt far and wide.
By us... Orange County, NY, We were VERY LUCKY. Some of my town is still without power... there was some mild flooding... Trees down and the like.... but all in all... No fatalities. My road, which is on slightly higher ground... well.. We were truly blessed. No power outages, just a couple of flickering lights.... Our cable went funny for a few days... no premium channels... But, SERIOUSLY... NOTHING BAD. All of these luxuries we have... are just luxuries... and we can learn to live without.
We had flashlights, and candles... Books and board games.... Bottled Water.... We were prepared to be alone in the dark... with no ELECTRICITY.... But, it didn't happen. We were, once again, TRULY blessed.
On Tuesday, I realized that our remote control has been broken... buttons not working... for months now, and since the roads were clear to Time Warner Cable.... I went over to exchange the darn thing.
I was met by a line of people... with their cable boxes... complaining and, frankly, BITCHING about their cable not working. How awful their lives are that they cannot see what is happening in the outside world.
Problem is, their cable boxes were not going to be exchanged. The problem was not with the boxes... but with the fiber optic lines, that were damaged in the storm. A nice (nicer than I would have been) customer service gal, was attempting to explain that.
This pack... MOB... of people were growing angry and just yelling at her.
Instant gratification society... GET OVER YOURSELVES!
This girl was staying calm. . . I wouldn't have.
I didn't actually.
Me.. from the back of the line,
"Excuse me! You realize that this girl is being told to do this.... That she can't do anything differently that what her supervisor is telling her to do. That you will get nowhere by screaming at her. Since she is not to blame. It's just TV get over yourselves..... Sweetheart? (to the customer service rep) I just need a new remote. . . . Buttons have been broken for ever."
She screamed "Deal!" at me and tossed me a new remote.
I looked at everyone, shook my head in disbelief, and left.
Some people.
...... But that's the extent of the Sandy Drama!
Halloween - Yesterday.
We will title this Section: Mall-pocalypse.
Every year, our local mall does something called Mall-o-ween. This is supposed to be a safe haven for trick or treating. It usually is.
Not this year.
Since a good portion of the local areas are without power... Where better to go... The mall for trick or treating...
It kind of looked like this:
But filled with parents and kids (most of which were in costume).

Parents were shoving so there little Tommy or Abigail could get the last pieces of candy that the stores had.
Strollers were being run into children (my son, was almost taken off his feet by one).
Parents were rude.. and being really pushy.
We got around the top floor and attempted to go to the bottom floor....
"Mama, I don't want to do this anymore." My scared little Power Ranger said to me.
So we left.
It was UNSAFE how packed the mall was.
Mall security was nowhere to be found.
We winded up driving Emry through a neighborhood, that had scarce amount of lights on.
Whatever happened to everyone buying at least one bag of candy? and being kind to children?
We did about 10 houses (in a street that had at least 50)... and came home with a decent haul.
The houses that were participating, hadn't received a lot of Trick-Or-Treaters... and were just giving away some amazing loot.

And now Here I am: at work, On a Thursday... a Thursday that feels like a Monday.
With all the work that should have been done DAYS ago.
Playing catchup...
So much fun *sarcasm*.
Taking my time... because Natural Disasters are not my fault.
Seriously, they aren't.... I checked with the big man upstairs... he confirmed that he had a bad cold... and that's where the wind and rain came from.... Ewww... God Boogies.
Emry is still out of school... Indefinitely.
The roads throughout our district are pretty bad.
We really were the lucky ones.
But, my father, will be out of work... until power can be restored to his job.
So, he'll watch Emry until that happens.
Small blessings.
Now to the future.
God ... who knows...
I am probably going to a Halloween party on Saturday.
90% sure of that.
It depends though....
Until later my friends.
Stay safe.


  1. seriously so glad that you all are okay. and really people?? it's just cable, that would be the least of my worries. i agree people want what they want and they want it NOW! so sad.

    glad you were able to do some trick or treating but that stinks it was a terrible experience for your little man. some parents are so rude. come on parents it's a holiday for children.

    have a great thrusday, hope you can catch up on your work. :)

  2. I am so glad that you and your family are doing fine. Storms and disasters like this bring out the worst and best in people.

  3. We got really lucky upstate - total non-event for us. Feel very fortunate to be in a position of sending help, rather than needing to ask for it.