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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Processed Foods or Meat... Take 2

OK Officially on day 2.

Last night, was extraordinarily hard.
I had to make lunches for today.
I was nice and I made Emry his turkey and cheese wrap (he hates sliced bread... weird, right?). This really wasn't the problem.
The problem, is that Klay, who I was nice enough to make lunch for, requested leftovers from Saturday (aka: Anniversary Dinner Leftovers).


So, it's cold... so it doesn't really SMELL or LOOK that appetizing... So I place a pork chop, some potatoes into a container. Then I put the veggies (mushrooms, onions, asparagus) in the worlds tastiest sauce over said pork chop. Sauce got on my finger. That is where everything went to shit.

I should have just rinsed my hands under the faucet. But, NooOoOoOo, what do I do? I lick the sauce off my finger.


Then I realized manipulated my brain to think, that there was not enough mushrooms and onions in sauce to justify leaving it in this container..... looking at the potatoes I deduced the same thing. I hate my brain.

So what do I do?

I scoop the saucy veggies and maybe 6 halved wee red potatoes into a bowl, and heated it up.

Now, I can hear you all... Kat, it ain't that bad! They were veggies, and you said that you'd make a exception for potatoes!

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know.. I'm leaving out something.

Before, I made the lunches. . . . I had a bowl of the basic mushroom/onion soup I made.

Now, I thought about this.
Most of it is liquid.... and I never did stray from the veggie, non processed regimen...
I just ate more of it then I thought I would.

No Meat.
No Processed.
Onward Cleanse!

Today for lunch I packed fresh sliced veggies... some of the avocado mash... some mushroom soup.

For Breakfast, I had another glass of OJ and some fresh strawberries.

At work, after our morning prayer service.. yup... every Wednesday there is a prayer service to start the day.....

They had light refreshments.
I was hoping for fruit.

Be proud.
I dissected an apple strudel. Only ate the apples, threw out the strudel.

These are the moments where you HAVE to take something, and can't politely say no.
The heads of the building TOLD YOU TO EAT IT.


And now... I sit at my desk... sipping at my water... and looking at the sunny skies outside.

I'll probably post again today... since I seem to think that today is going to be a QUIET day.

Gods be willing.

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