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Monday, November 19, 2012

The 2 days of work in a 3 day week... Technically!

1 Full day today
1/2 day tomorrow (paid as a full day)
1/2 day Wednesday! (also paid as a full day)
Holidays on Thursday and Friday.

See 2 days of work in a 3 day week!

I wasn't really feeling well on Sunday, I missed out on a bunch of stuff because of it.
But, I picked myself up this morning, and got my bum to work... because as you can see.... it would be rather silly to take a sick day...

So, here I am... the clock slowly ticking by.... and me... struggling to find something to do....

I have filing... but oh my goodness... DO I HATE FILING.

So.. I will let that wait...

Thanksgiving is right around the corner... and once again Klay's parents are doing dinner. But, I am allowed to help with a vegetable side dish... oh and my Price Chopper points allowed me to gift them a GIGUNDO (yup, I said it... GI-GOOON-DO) turkey!

It kind of looked like this:

Well, maybe not THAT big... but pretty freaking big.

Yeah... Veggie Side.

Klay's dad likes String beans....
So, I was thinking of sauteing them in butter, and then I was going to make a cranberry balsamic reduction for the top....

Not sure how it is going to work... but I think I am going to do a small test run.... If it doesn't taste good... perhaps just a plain garlic balsamic reduction....

I have been very lucky not to have to do the complete holiday dinner in 2 years.
I mean... I love to cook. Really... I think food and cooking is so much fun.
But, the stress that comes with MAKING a complete dinner for a lot of people...

Not so fun.

So... the change in not being responsible... a beautiful experience.

The down side of not making holiday dinner...
Not being able to re-purpose the left overs.

Well, that's all I got for now.

Tell me?
What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?


  1. yay for only work 2 days in 3 days. :) i hope you start feeling better.

    i've never made a full thanksgiving meal,(i'm in charge of mashed potatoes this year. i make them the best:)) but every year i make a turkey just for us so i can make things with the turkey for at least a couple weeks and freeze it.

    have a great week and happy thanksgiving!!

  2. When I was married, I did enormous serious Thanksgivings, asked over everyone who was single or couldn't be with family. Leftovers lasted days and days. Now? I work Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Going to my sons to do a casual buffet. Hoping that next year, I don't have to work on Thanksgiving again and I can have a real one where I cook and invite people over. Have a wonderful time, dear.