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Monday, November 12, 2012

The anniversary & Veteran's Day

So needless to say... #17 did not get accomplished this weekend.

However: #3 Real Hiking - Lake Minnewaska and #11 Date Night, were accomplished.

Let's first discuss #11 Date night:

On this date night, I did not take any pictures... I was being very lazy. But Klay made me a wonderful dinner, and I only helped a tiny bit. I have taken a moment to compile a picture of what dinner... sort of... looked like.
I will label!
Thank you Microsoft Publisher. HAHA.
We had:
  1. Autumn Pork Chops (which were pan fried in a tasty sauce of butter, ground mustard, and honey)
  2. Caramelized Mushrooms and Onions
  3. Roasted Parmesan Rosemary Potatoes 
  4. Sauteed Asparagus w/ butter and sage
  5. Homemade Applesauce with brandy and vanilla
As I said.... Fancy Pooooork Chaups and Appllleesauz!

Total yum.

We had a semi sweet moscato with it... I love me, my wine.

We were so full from dinner, we didn't make any dessert... or even want it!

We perused YouTube, and found one of my favorite movies as a kid "Mio in the Land of Faraway".
So excited!

Then the next morning, we went Hiking at Lake Minnewaska (#3).
See... we really are happy hiking!

There were lady bugs EVERYWHERE

Isn't it beautiful??

We had to hike down at a 34 degree angle to get this shot. Not so bad going down...
not so great climbing back up.

The beauty shot. What you can't see is the height of the cliff we were on.
So, we spent the better part of the day hiking, and then we ate lunch while sitting on the rock formation of the last picture. So fun, So awesome!

Completely worth the pain that my legs/knees/body felt later on that evening.

 But, today, being Veteran's Day.... Emry had off from school. So I took a vacation day from work. w00t 3 day weekend!

We have spent the day:
  • Emry played XBox360 for like 3 hours...
  • We were in our PJ's until about 12p.
  • We returned books at the library, only to find out it was closed.... so we weren't able to take out any new books.
  • Went to lunch at Denny's... which I know is usually G-R-O-S-S.. but today, we had a decent meal. They have a bunch of new meals for the new Hobbit movie coming out in December... so, I had a Hobbit Hole Breakfast Platter. It was pretty kicking.
    Seriously, It looked just like this. What it basically was... Two eggs fried right into the center of grilled Cheddar bun halves. Served with two strips of bacon and crispy hash browns topped with melted shredded Cheddar cheese and bacon. Tasty mcTasty-taste.
  • Then we went to Wal-mart, and picked up a pair of new shoe laces for Emry's shoes... Explain to me how a pair of shoe laces can get SO FRAYED? 
  • Then.. the best part of our day.. GETTING THE CAR WASHED! Tell me, what is it with kids and car washes? It was like going to the amusement park. Hysterical!

And now, we are watching Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and I am posting this post.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, and their Monday.

Until Tomorrow!

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