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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Countdown to Christmas

We are 13 days from the big reveal....

What reveal?


  1. to see if I get an engagement ring. I know I should stop hoping for this... but, I can't help it... I want one... I want one... I want one!!!!!!!! Okay, so, yeah.....*blushes* I get anxious about this.
  2. And to let Emry know that we will be going to DISNEY!
I want to have a camera ready and my flipcam recording.
I think he might lift off the ground.

Speaking of Emry...
This week... since we are half way.... It's been okay. Not awful.
It's like we went back in time about a month. Before all the bologna started.
I just wish I knew where the bologna came from.

I guess I'll never know.
As long as he's back to normal.

Still stupid.
Still doing EVERYTHING.
But, it's starting to slow down... it's starting to become a rhythm...
So, I am very thankful for that.

I wish I had brighter things to say.
But, maybe I'll be graced with a epiphany... until that happens....

Good night.

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  1. Aw look at this. You were hoping for an engagement ring and next month you're getting married. Tears!