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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forced to take a Break

Good morning everyone!

Due to a huge project at work, that I need to get done..
I will be doing sporadic blogs for the next few weeks.

I will thus, have more to write about when I do write.

I also will not be reading and following as much as I should be.
Don't lose hope, don't think I've given up on all of you...
I just..


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursdacap - 5/24/12

Last week,
I didn't do one of these.
Nor did I do a Friday Monologue post.

I was pretty overwhelmed with life, work, and all the icky stuff in between.

This week:
Isn't much better.
I'm not sure what it is, but I am very tired and on edge.
I try to get tons of sleep.
(By tons, I mean 8 or more hours a night)

But, still,
with the attempts of sleep, the supplements, and the low impact nightly schedule.

T-ball has been quiet in our worlds.
The rain has kept the games canceled.
for about 2 weeks now.

Not so fun.
I can tell Emry misses it.
Hopefully Saturday there will be a game.
I hope the rain goes away soon....

Trying to get a lot completed...
At work.
At home.
Feel like I've been doing a lot.. but getting nowhere...
Does that make any sense?

And the only thing that has been kind of off about this week....
Is my ex, asked if he could take Emry for Father's day.
Now as of recently, Nick spends an hour twice a week with Emry.
Emry does not want to go anywhere with him.
And only really likes playing with Nick's iPhone and Kindle (angry birds is all the rage you know!)
So, when Nick asked for the whole day.
I was almost relieved to tell him that we had made plans months ago.
Which is true.
I just... well, if we didn't make plans, I would have HAD to entertain that thought.
And, I know Emry isn't there, and I certainly am not there.

1) Because he still calls Nick by his first name.
2) Nick, his mother, sister and I were supposed to have a sit down about the family dynamic and how we feel Nick's sister's behavior is abhored, and that she needs to grow a little before Emry can be around her.
3) Also, the ex's family and I were supposed to discuss that Klay is a factor, that he is not to be talked negatively about to Emry. That Emry loves him and that is OK.
4) Nick was supposed to get established, out of debt.. yada yada... He's borrowing money left and right, He is NOT doing any better, in fact it appears he is doing worse. Should Emry be subjected to that?

These things have not changed nor happened.
So, I really wouldn't feel right about Emry sharing Alone time with Nick.

So, thank the Lord I plan things MONTHS in advance.

That's my week thus far.

How goes yours?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Rants of a curvy Mama - 5/23/12 - Exhaustion?

Being exhausted is the reason I do not work out as much as I should.
I know that when I do work out I get MORE energy...
Thus, I work out MORE.

But, when you get out of the habit.
Exhaustion (and LAZINESS) set in.
They take hold... and glue your ass to the couch.

Anyone else had these moments?

You know you should work out.
You know that you can do crunches or lunges while you watch your favorite show.
But, still, the exhaustion and laziness of the day sets in.
And you think, "Meh."
You grab your snuggie (yup, I own one) and a snuggly throw pillow...
And that's it.
Workout is sent packing all in the sake of comfort.


Not that I've gained any weight.
I could start too.

And I really don't want that to happen.

It comes back to motivation.

How does one get their motivation back?


I can start kicking myself in the bum!

It be exercise (because kicking yourself in the bum takes effort)
and it would PROPEL me to move (quite literally...)

And the thing is...
I love to go walking and hiking (more trailing...but still, a form of hiking.)

If the weather ever shaped up..
I'd go!

Emry loves it too as does Klay.

But, if you saw todays picture post...
It's been raining, in the worst way, all week.




It was the only way I could stay motivated.
And that's it.
It kept me on track.

So, I apologize if it gets old.
But, Maybe I'll draft a week's worth of intake and workout.
and then release it... so that we are ALL not inindated with my bologna.

Who's with me?
Does anyone want to join in these efforts.
To get and stay healthy?
(yeah, Big Sis, I am looking toward you! **GIGGLES**)

I also recently read about Natural Ace over at Heather's Blog "My Husband Ate All the Icecream".
And, after asking some questions and doing some research, I found out that all of the ingredients are jsut a combination of natural herbs/supplements I can buy at a vitamin shoppe...
And it will turn out to be a cheaper alternative than the $59 a bottle.
I used to be a pharmacy tech, so all I need is to see how many milligrams for each supplement, and I can make my own supply.
Yes, I feel like an evil genius at the moment.
Be afraid, very afraid.
Not really, but you know, living on a budget here!

I'll let you know how that goes.
So be prepared to see more:
"rants of the curvy mama" postings.

Love to all.
Comment and Join in on my quest to get and stay healthy.

Cool and Weird Image Wednesday - 5/23/12 - RAIN

Out of the last 14 days 10 of those days have been filled with


Here we go!

Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail
Image Detail

Only one that weirded me out was that blissful girl under the rainbow umbrella in that red outfit!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Has anyone seen this article?
Or heard abou tit?
(oh snap did I actually write that, freudian slip? Perhaps... let's try again..)
(That's better.)

Moving on.

She was a Temp....
They told her she was showing off too much cleavage...
She didn't cover up enough....

They fired her.

Seems pretty simple, right?

What's the problem.
Her manager "humiliated her" and told her to "tape her breasts down."

Now I am not the most vuluptuous woman in this category..
But, I got me some cleavage too.
If I show off a little too much that it dips into the "Inappropriate at work" category...

And.. If I do feel like them covered up is still too... CURVALICIOUS (yeah I went there).
Minimizes that amount of va-va-voom.
(giggles, can you tell I'm LOVING this post?)

And the comment about taping her boobs...
Is a very wrong statement.
But, you ever get chummy with a co-worker or manager, and the professionalism kind of slips.
Still wrong.
But, still... is probably being taken out of context.

She was made to wear a red bathrobe..
"I'd rather go buy a sweater..." Is what she says...
Oh, because you would pick an inappropriate sweater.
That's why.

This is a plain and simple case.
You weren't dressed right...
even for a lingerie store.
Your selling the product.. not your products.
If you know what I mean.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Steampunk World Fair 2012 - Want to see what I do for fun?

The Steampunk World Fair 2012 held in Piscataway, NJ was dubbed the
Largest Steampunk Festival Nationwide.

I was privileged enough to attend this event, and I'd like to give a written (and pictorial) account of our time there.

To give you a brief idea, the SPWF was held between 2 hotels (and it's in between parking lot.)
There was a 3rd hotel that the overflow of guests were staying at.
It was That big.

Hours before the weekend long event started, the masses had amounted.
Hundreds of people were trying to check in, get last minute day passes, or on a hope and a prayer get a room. (The hotel we were staying at actually confirmed there was only 4 rooms available... in the whole hotel).

When we got there, we quickly went up to our room... and got ready...
You know, wearing plain clothes is UNACCEPTABLE... One must have proper attire!
So we all started out, just as Tom, Dick and Jane... Plain People from a Plain world... 

What we turned into was:
  1. The Professor
  2. The Sky Thug
  3. The Sky Mechaness

 (at least on day 1 that is who we became).

We made some new friends!

But, honestly...
Why were we there?

Steampunk is a genre which originated during the 1980s and early 1990s and incorporates elements of science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, horror, and speculative fiction

And.. Also... Because...
Well, we like to dress up.

Plain and Simple.

Steampunk (much like a Ren Faire) is a place where you can let your freak flag fly HIGH...
And you are 100% NOT alone.

My favorite part of events like this is the VENDORS.
Usually these are Artisans of the trade, with a keen sense of style and ability.
These are items you can't just buy in any store.
For instance:
This cute piece...
Hand stitched and sewed.
It had gears on it, and was exactly what I needed to complete my look.
 (Can't find this at a Hot Topic or Target).

This faire also brings out the inventor in all of us.
 My father for instance, made his own Steampunk Weapon.

It is normal practice for patrons to create a persona... a character, if you will.
Some even make multiple characters.
(I had the same concept.)
But, you know...
Still pretty cool to see how many characters you can make, without purchasing extra items of Etsy.
Don't know what Etsy is?
Go to and enjoy.

There was drinking.
Oh lord was there drinking.
Absinthe tasting was brought to you by our hosts...

Uncle Monty's Mollyhouse
Uncle Monty's... is well...
It's a burlesque.

My favorite?
Stella Chuu

But, as you can see from the picture to the right... not all the ladies were "lovely".
There was definitely a variety of "beauty" going on...
And, since it's SPWF... and we are all letting ourselves be.... As vulnerable as we want to be in the real world... We embrace it and are embraced by our Kin.
 (I know you all understand where I am coming from here).

The inovation was at a all time high as well.
Check out these Favorite Costumes, Items, Etc.


What would we be without music?
Just to name a few:

These were the ones I saw, but there were SO many others.
 All different styles and genres of music.
There really was something for everyone.

What about non-musical performers?

 But for me, it was more about hanging out with my loves, friends, family, and complete strangers.

Some of us realize early on in life that we are different from the pack.

If you are anything like me, when you realized this fact, it felt like the world was over. There would be no friends... No one would ever get you...

But, then you grow up and realize there are more of US than there are of THEM.

These events show case this. That it is okay to be an individual.
That is okay to have an outlandish imagination...

You make the best of friends. People who you can turn to, confide in, and love.

Once liberated from the mold of ordinary, you can feel free to fly through the sky.... Grabbing trinkets and gadgets along the way.... The occasional gear or so... We are talking STEAMPUNK PEOPLE!
 Embrace the imagination.
Embrace the artistry
The creation
The Character...

What lies beneath the character.

 There may be sparkle and a pretty face, but, at these events... you see through the blur... and see the simplicity and shocking truth of it all.

That's what you will find when you attend the SPWF or any similar type of event.
And yes, after two or three glasses of absinthe, everything will start to look like this... But, you are amongst friends, you're safe here... We'll pour you back in to the hotel bed, if need be...

 You may wake up feeling (and looking) stranger than when you passed out to begin with... But, we'll still give you the affection you deserve....
Everyone needs an "I love you man" drunk hug/kiss.
 We won't laugh, when you take pictures like this... trying to show case how blitzed you are...
Okay, I lied, we'll laugh, but only because we have 10 similar pictures on our own camera.
 You will wear funny hats.
But it's fun.
 You may find a set of goggles, or even a hair barrette or two...
Still... it's okay, you are actually helping our economy...
Small business and artisans helped build this country
(Yes, this is what I tell myself, so I have justification to shop.)
 People you just meet will try on things for you, and take silly pictures...
At the end of the day.
When it's daylight and the rest of the SPWF is still sleeping off the night before.

You'll find stuff like the above picture in the parking lot...
And know that the Steampunk Gods (and most likely Goddesses) left it just for you.

I hope this all makes sense.
And I hope you all can see how much fun I had.

SPWF 2012 - Thank you Jeff Mach.

Music Mondays - Voltaire - 5/21/12

We spent the weekend at the:

It was very very cool.

For your listening pleasure.


(I will post pictures of the event, and my outfits, when I get a chance.)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday 5/17/12

I feel lower than shit.
It isn't a fun place to be.

I have nothing to say.
I have no air to breathe at the moment.

I have no want to type about it;
let alone talk about it.

Pray for a quick end to an awful starting day.