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Friday, November 30, 2012

Now: A little Gossip and Hollyweird Commentary

Ok now that we've covered that:
Let's talk about
rihann tweet chris brown embrace twitter thg 121130 vblog Rihanna Embraces Chris Brown, Fuels Relationship Rumors
If you haven't been listening to the radio, or reading along on yahoo, or listened to any of the news recently.... then you don't know about Chris Brown and Rihanna being reunited.
And why that infuriates me.
Let's start out with, they may look like this NOW:
But do we remember when he did this to her face:
Now, just because they are celebrities, isn't the reason why I am discussing this.
Spousal Abuse is a major thing for me.
I do not believe that anyone should be beaten by their significant other.
I believe that anyone, and I'm biased so I am talking about men, should raise their hands to anyone unless they are fighting for their life.
When this scandal broke, I was so furious.
I have been in an abusive relationship, I have blogged about it here in the past.
The stories exsist in our culture, and happen every day.
But, where I draw the line, if you get away from the abuse.. you never NEVER  go back to it.
Now, is this to say that a person can't change?
No. I am not saying that.
But, once again.
If you have seen pictures of Chris Brown from that point to recently.... You can see that he has not changed... He has not grown. His anger issues are publicly ridiculed on almost a daily basis.
Rihanna had a duty, to all young women, to do the right thing here. Walk away, and never look back.
But, no, she did the unthinkable.... SHE WENT BACK.
How horribly rude to the legal team, police officers, court officers, judges, etc. who had to protect her, and take care of the legal trouble that followed this incident.
How horribly inconsiderate to all other women out there.
She has made it okay for abused women to stay home with their wife beating husbands.
Girlfriends to think it's okay when their boyfriend treats them like dirt, and hits them.
For men who are in similar situations....
And... then the words from earlier kick in: MAKE IT PERSONAL.
And so I am.
I hope, that someone clicks on this link who is need of a wake up call.
I also hope, that this post builds speed, and is seen by someone running interference for these celebrities. I HOPE AND PRAY SOMEONE READS THIS FROM THE MEDIA.
I never wish what I went through on ANYONE ELSE.
I would do anything in my power to prevent anyone I know from being stuck in this situation.
And, here's Rihanna.... Just acting like what happened was not a big deal.
That her decisions can't affect other people.

Make it personal

I never really have any posts planned.
I kind of look at the empty title box, and for the most part, a title just comes to me.
Once I have that.. typing kind of follows.

For the most part.

Today, without even a single thought the words, "MAKE IT PERSONAL" jumped from my finger tips and displayed on the screen.

What is in my subconscious that is driving me to type this?


I think a lot of times people try to conceal their feelings and emotions... just so things don't get "rocky" in their worlds. I think people turn a blind eye to things going on around them, just so they don't feel a responsibility to get involved.

I think that people need to MAKE IT PERSONAL.

If something seems morally wrong to you.... Make it Personal.
If you see unjustice... Make It Personal.


Christmas gifts.
Go for the personal gift...
Not the trendy gift.


I should contemplate on this more.....

Very weird for words to just come to me.. and not know where they are coming from....

Until next time.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

What I haven't been saying.

I realized that I have been... limiting what I say on this blog.
Not that I have been hiding the truth...
But I think I have been so sad...
So lost...
That I just couldn't bear to type it.

Things have been...
strained at home....

My son... my precious little guy... he's...
He hasn't been right recently.
He has been... angry.
He has been .... screaming.
He has been.... crying.

These aren't tantrums.
We've had tantrums...
These are...
Emotional Breakdowns.
With guttural screams...
Tearing his room apart.....

We have been afraid that during these... episodes... that he was going to hurt himself, or one of us... in the process.


When he calms down, which sometimes takes hours.... He knows exactly what happened, he knows what caused it, and he's very sorry.

He just can't control it when it's happening.

Now. It's not everyday.
Maybe 1 a week... for the past 3 weeks?

After the second one, he told me it was because he just didn't want to spend time with Nick (my ex-husband) anymore. That he needed a break.

The third one happened before I got a chance to speak with my ex.

But, as of Tuesday, the ex and I have had the conversation.. and Emry knows... so I am hoping there is less stress in the situation.

I am also starting some aromatherapy.
As we all know, I have a massage therapy/holistic background... so aromatherapy is where I will start.
Meditation, which I am supposed to be doing as part of my LIST, is also in our future.

We are also thinking that enrolling Emry in a Martial Art is a good idea.
(The ex actually told me, "Well that could go EITHER WAY." - he's never taken Martial Arts, so he really has no idea... what a tool.)

But, it feels better to type this.
It feels much better to get it out.

I just... I sometimes feel a little defeated when Emry has an issue.
I feel like my parenting is lacking.

I KNOW I KNOW... that is NOT the case... but, it's how I feel.
I'm very hard on myself.

It's just in my own head... everything I've ever touched... in the past... has gone to shit.
Literally... just... In the past... I could not handle my life... let alone someone else's.

Things have turned around.
Life is not as dramatic... or dark....
But... I still...
I just can't seem to relax, and know that things will work out for the best.

I get scared.
I guess what that means ... being a mom.
Always being afraid about SOMETHING.

So... that's what I haven't been saying.....

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I shop at Wal-Mart

Now, for all of you that regularly follow this blog. You know me. You know my ups and downs. You know how hard I work to provide a stable life for my son. I am by no means rich... however, I am by no means poor.


This is my war cry for the day.
Now no matter where you go, you will hear good and bad things about this business. There are numerous websites that depict the... oddities that are sometimes found at Wal*mart. You can even find funny comments about it as well.

However, in my world... Wal*Mart, and their amazing deals, are a necessity.
Have you ever tried to get everything you needed at a GROCERY STORE?
You wind up spending 3x the price on cleaning products, paper products, laundry detergent, Canned goods... HELL........ EVERYTHING IS MORE EXPENSIVE IN A GROCERY STORE!

Now, I will admit, there are just certain things that I will not buy at a Wal*Mart. For instances, fresh meats or produce. Yes, you see on TV that Wal*Mart advertises that "you can't tell the difference in our steaks!" And that may be true. But, by time I go grocery shopping... the quality meats... if there ever were any... have been picked through and are gone. Produce? Well, that's a hit or miss situation. Not because it isn't quality produce... but because:
  1. It's either been picked through by the masses and looks utterly gross

  2. The workers, who really hate their jobs, haven't stocked it correctly, or haven't maintained keeping the bugs off of it. My Wal*Mart... well, let's just say Fruit Flies are in HIGH numbers all year long. It's really gross.
So for produce and meats... I go to the grocery store.

I also, really try to stay away from their deli section too. If I have to, then I will... but otherwise, grocery store is so much more simple. Why? because at Wal*Mart... you have to wait an hour. The lack of staffing, and the long deli lines... make for a horrible situation.

Everything else.
I purchase at Wal*mart.

Emry's snow boots and snow suit?
(by the way, $30.. that's all I spent on those things... if you went anywhere else by us... it's $60 minimum)

Cool Graphic T-Shirts for me?
(I'm a mom, and if I am not in my work clothes, I need something I can wear and not care if I get dirty in.)

(I get the jeans from Children's place... they just hold up better)

Bathroom Towels and Decor?
Allergy products, Oral care, Shampoo, Cat litter, picture frames, etc.
I shop at Wal*Mart, and I am not ashamed of it.

Now you may think that the above picture is the standard Wal*Mart shopper. Mother with a bazillion kids... with a welfare check...
You know what... Maybe it is... BUT SO WHAT?
If that welfare check, food stamps, WIC, etc... Is what gets her and her family by.. THEN SO WHAT?
Would you rather her family starve?
Now that we are getting into the depths of the Christmas Season, we should all be reflective.
Never cast judgement...
The only one to judge... well, is whatever/whomever watches from above us.
If I can make my dollar go farther.
If I can keep a few extra dollars in my pocket to save for something nice later on...
If you shop at Wal*Mart, and are ashamed of the way people constantly look down on others for shopping there... Link this on your blog.
Show where it came from...
Maybe together, we can all get the idea through.
Just because we shop at Wal*Mart does not mean we are:
  1. Trash
  2. Poor
  3. Uneducated
  4. Dirty
  5. Not hardworking
This is my war cry for the day!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Ahem. Ahem. It only took a year.






Yes Yes Yes! I know! After the countless applying, and interviewing, and trying to be 10000% awesome in this position... I have finally been recognized as worthy of a promotion.

A promotion that comes with an office.
And a raise...

Thank the Gods.

What's even better... it's effective next week.... I will be continuing this position and training with my new position.... WITH the PAY INCREASE.

How amazing is that?

I can't believe it.
I am epically excited.

It couldn't have happened at a better time.

It couldn't.

I've been dealing with quite a lot of bologna in the personal life department.


MY EX PERSONAL LIFE (hint hint) did something FLIPPING STUPID and effected my FINANCIAL STABILITY....

But, did I sink?
Is my belt a little tighter...
But, you know what....????


I work very hard to be where I am.
To support my son.
To support our life.
It isn't a fancy life... but we have just enough.
We are struggling for food... or money to make the bills.
We have everything we need... and a little extra saved for just in cases.

And, my hard work.
Has paid off.

Love it.

Best Early Christmas Gift EVER!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The 2 days of work in a 3 day week... Technically!

1 Full day today
1/2 day tomorrow (paid as a full day)
1/2 day Wednesday! (also paid as a full day)
Holidays on Thursday and Friday.

See 2 days of work in a 3 day week!

I wasn't really feeling well on Sunday, I missed out on a bunch of stuff because of it.
But, I picked myself up this morning, and got my bum to work... because as you can see.... it would be rather silly to take a sick day...

So, here I am... the clock slowly ticking by.... and me... struggling to find something to do....

I have filing... but oh my goodness... DO I HATE FILING.

So.. I will let that wait...

Thanksgiving is right around the corner... and once again Klay's parents are doing dinner. But, I am allowed to help with a vegetable side dish... oh and my Price Chopper points allowed me to gift them a GIGUNDO (yup, I said it... GI-GOOON-DO) turkey!

It kind of looked like this:

Well, maybe not THAT big... but pretty freaking big.

Yeah... Veggie Side.

Klay's dad likes String beans....
So, I was thinking of sauteing them in butter, and then I was going to make a cranberry balsamic reduction for the top....

Not sure how it is going to work... but I think I am going to do a small test run.... If it doesn't taste good... perhaps just a plain garlic balsamic reduction....

I have been very lucky not to have to do the complete holiday dinner in 2 years.
I mean... I love to cook. Really... I think food and cooking is so much fun.
But, the stress that comes with MAKING a complete dinner for a lot of people...

Not so fun.

So... the change in not being responsible... a beautiful experience.

The down side of not making holiday dinner...
Not being able to re-purpose the left overs.

Well, that's all I got for now.

Tell me?
What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A day without meat and carbs and processed food...

is a day without happiness!

**giggle* Just kidding.

But, Day 3 is in full swing over here. . . . and I am having headaches.
I ate my soup at 10a, thinking my body needed nourishment... and now...
Still... this picking headache.

Breakast was OJ and Strawberries.
Lunch - the soup (I already downed), veggies, and avacado mash... Lots of water.
Dinner.... oh god who cares.

I am starving... I don't care how clean my body gets on the inside...


**Deep Breath**

It's almost Friday.
I can make it a few more days.

I hope.


I wanted to make Kale Chips last night, but once we got home, made Emry dinner, did a hw worksheet, and then ran back out of the house to go pick up Cat food....and then FORGOT to buy the freaking KALE... I realized it was not meant to be.

I rather the salty potato kind anyway....
a few more days a few more days a few more days.

This cleanse is just to rid my body of a lot of the crap I have put into it recently.
It's supposed to be making me feel better... you know, less bloated, my skin should "glow" a little more... regularity in the bathroom.......I'm sorry, I know, TMI, but it had to be said.


Tonight is Parent Teacher Conference night for Emry.
I'm not really worried this year.
By this point last year, I had heard from the Teacher and Principal of that INSANE CATHOLIC SCHOOL 50 times.
This year... He has stayed in the green of the behavior chart every day except for 1.
He gets stars and Great Jobs on everything that comes back in his folder.

I am not worried.


Going for my veggies now.
I'm starving.
This stinks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Processed Foods or Meat... Take 2

OK Officially on day 2.

Last night, was extraordinarily hard.
I had to make lunches for today.
I was nice and I made Emry his turkey and cheese wrap (he hates sliced bread... weird, right?). This really wasn't the problem.
The problem, is that Klay, who I was nice enough to make lunch for, requested leftovers from Saturday (aka: Anniversary Dinner Leftovers).


So, it's cold... so it doesn't really SMELL or LOOK that appetizing... So I place a pork chop, some potatoes into a container. Then I put the veggies (mushrooms, onions, asparagus) in the worlds tastiest sauce over said pork chop. Sauce got on my finger. That is where everything went to shit.

I should have just rinsed my hands under the faucet. But, NooOoOoOo, what do I do? I lick the sauce off my finger.


Then I realized manipulated my brain to think, that there was not enough mushrooms and onions in sauce to justify leaving it in this container..... looking at the potatoes I deduced the same thing. I hate my brain.

So what do I do?

I scoop the saucy veggies and maybe 6 halved wee red potatoes into a bowl, and heated it up.

Now, I can hear you all... Kat, it ain't that bad! They were veggies, and you said that you'd make a exception for potatoes!

Yeah Yeah Yeah, I know.. I'm leaving out something.

Before, I made the lunches. . . . I had a bowl of the basic mushroom/onion soup I made.

Now, I thought about this.
Most of it is liquid.... and I never did stray from the veggie, non processed regimen...
I just ate more of it then I thought I would.

No Meat.
No Processed.
Onward Cleanse!

Today for lunch I packed fresh sliced veggies... some of the avocado mash... some mushroom soup.

For Breakfast, I had another glass of OJ and some fresh strawberries.

At work, after our morning prayer service.. yup... every Wednesday there is a prayer service to start the day.....

They had light refreshments.
I was hoping for fruit.

Be proud.
I dissected an apple strudel. Only ate the apples, threw out the strudel.

These are the moments where you HAVE to take something, and can't politely say no.
The heads of the building TOLD YOU TO EAT IT.


And now... I sit at my desk... sipping at my water... and looking at the sunny skies outside.

I'll probably post again today... since I seem to think that today is going to be a QUIET day.

Gods be willing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The List # 7

#7 : Do Processed Food & Red meat Fast: One week of just Veggies and Fruits.

I am officially on day 1 of my "fast"... I think I rather call is a "cleanse"....

I have bought copious amounts of mushrooms, broccoli, yellow pepper, lettuce, carrots... I even bought a couple of avocados...

There are grapes and strawberries... some apple sauce.....

Organic Vegetable Broth.....

I think I am all set.

I may have to buy some more by Friday.... But I most definitely have enough to get me until then.

Depends how hungry I get.

What I wish I could eat... a POTATO...... Come on... Baked potato? With a little salt and pepper? YUM!

But, nope, that's a starch... not a fruit or a vegetable.....

Maybe I can make an exception, you know, because it's also not a Processed Food or Red Meat!

We'll see... I know I have two potatoes that I could bake...

Well, we'll see how my body reacts to this No processed food or meat thing.

Today for breakfast, I had a large glass of OJ and a portion of Applesauce.

Today for lunch, I had a raw veggie platter, and I made an avocado mash for it.

What's an avocado mash? Probably better to call it guacamole.
I took an avocado, mashed it with lemon and lime juice... and then... for a little pizazz... I put a couple fresh hot pepper flakes.


So, I took a tablespoon of that, and used it for dipping with my Veggie Platter.

At home, for dinner...

I made a Mushroom/Onion Soup... with Organic Vegetable Broth.

Smelled really yummy....
I can't wait to go home and have some.

I'll check in throughout the week to tell you how I am faring... and if I can maintain 7 days of this....

I feel okay right now...
We'll see!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The anniversary & Veteran's Day

So needless to say... #17 did not get accomplished this weekend.

However: #3 Real Hiking - Lake Minnewaska and #11 Date Night, were accomplished.

Let's first discuss #11 Date night:

On this date night, I did not take any pictures... I was being very lazy. But Klay made me a wonderful dinner, and I only helped a tiny bit. I have taken a moment to compile a picture of what dinner... sort of... looked like.
I will label!
Thank you Microsoft Publisher. HAHA.
We had:
  1. Autumn Pork Chops (which were pan fried in a tasty sauce of butter, ground mustard, and honey)
  2. Caramelized Mushrooms and Onions
  3. Roasted Parmesan Rosemary Potatoes 
  4. Sauteed Asparagus w/ butter and sage
  5. Homemade Applesauce with brandy and vanilla
As I said.... Fancy Pooooork Chaups and Appllleesauz!

Total yum.

We had a semi sweet moscato with it... I love me, my wine.

We were so full from dinner, we didn't make any dessert... or even want it!

We perused YouTube, and found one of my favorite movies as a kid "Mio in the Land of Faraway".
So excited!

Then the next morning, we went Hiking at Lake Minnewaska (#3).
See... we really are happy hiking!

There were lady bugs EVERYWHERE

Isn't it beautiful??

We had to hike down at a 34 degree angle to get this shot. Not so bad going down...
not so great climbing back up.

The beauty shot. What you can't see is the height of the cliff we were on.
So, we spent the better part of the day hiking, and then we ate lunch while sitting on the rock formation of the last picture. So fun, So awesome!

Completely worth the pain that my legs/knees/body felt later on that evening.

 But, today, being Veteran's Day.... Emry had off from school. So I took a vacation day from work. w00t 3 day weekend!

We have spent the day:
  • Emry played XBox360 for like 3 hours...
  • We were in our PJ's until about 12p.
  • We returned books at the library, only to find out it was closed.... so we weren't able to take out any new books.
  • Went to lunch at Denny's... which I know is usually G-R-O-S-S.. but today, we had a decent meal. They have a bunch of new meals for the new Hobbit movie coming out in December... so, I had a Hobbit Hole Breakfast Platter. It was pretty kicking.
    Seriously, It looked just like this. What it basically was... Two eggs fried right into the center of grilled Cheddar bun halves. Served with two strips of bacon and crispy hash browns topped with melted shredded Cheddar cheese and bacon. Tasty mcTasty-taste.
  • Then we went to Wal-mart, and picked up a pair of new shoe laces for Emry's shoes... Explain to me how a pair of shoe laces can get SO FRAYED? 
  • Then.. the best part of our day.. GETTING THE CAR WASHED! Tell me, what is it with kids and car washes? It was like going to the amusement park. Hysterical!

And now, we are watching Alvin & the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and I am posting this post.

I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend, and their Monday.

Until Tomorrow!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Delete? Unsubscribe? JUST MAKE IT GO AWAY

After yesterday's post about Blogging Infomercials .... I got a new found sense of what is helpful and what is not.

If a blog has completely turned upside down, and cannot write a real post... one that isn't sponsored by "this lame toy company".... than I shouldn't have to see it.

If you hide the blog... you still see the posts pop up.

If you unsubscribe... you still see the posts pop up...

For Christmas-sake!

I love the blogs I read. I find pieces of advice there, humor, sympathy, empathy... etc.

If I wanted commercials... I'd turn on the television.
Just saying.

So... How do I make it go away?
Anyone want to help me here?
Because anything I try... thanks to this new Blogger Layout... DOESN'T WORK.

If you are going to ask me.. are you the kind of person that Un-Friends people on Social Media sites?
Yes. Yes I am.

I keep an anonymous life online. None of my social media sites have my real name.....
And, Facebook, for instance, I only have family... and very close friends.

I don't believe that Social Media, is the best way to network myself professionally... I do not like the fact that business are searching to find potential employees. I think it's way too Big Brother.

I like me my privacy.

And as for here... this is for me. 100% for me.
I get to say what I want to see on a daily basis.

(once again, as Good Job Momma pointed out, it is very clear the site in which I am referencing... and I've just had it. Like a bad breakup... I'm getting rid of all remnants.)

Anyone out there?

Friday! Friday! Friday!

I think the hardest part of writing a post... is the first few sentences. It kind of sets the tone for your entire post. Once you get going, your brain actually goes on autopilot and all these thoughts start swirling. Then they instantly start flowing through your fingers, typing on the keyboard, and then on to the screen. But, getting there... sometimes is a little difficult. What do I want to say? What do I need to get off my chest?
Anniversary... This weekend will mark the official 2nd Anniversary for Klay and I. We've known each other for over 2 years, but have officially been in this relationship for 2 years. Make sense? I hope so....
So, in essence I will be able to accomplish two (maybe three) things off my list:
#3 - Hike up that mountain that overlooks Lake Minnewaska... AKA: stop being such a baby about heights, and falling.
#11 - Date Night.
Maybe #17 - *WILD CARD 3* Buy something sexy for myself (and Klay) (by Britney @ It's on Random!)
I say maybe to #17 - because I'm not so sure how sexy I feel... It's that WONDERFUL time of the month, where everything bloats and my insides are dictating my emotions to KILL KILL KILL. **deep breath** I hope the ladies reading understand where I am coming from and I hope the men reading understand to hide under their desks, and click away from the post slowly. SLOWER THAN THAT!
So.. yeah.. maybe not #17.
We'll see.
He's actually making me dinner.
We will probably cook it together, because I can't keep my hands out of the kitchen.
But, I'm really excited.
As of right now, it's pork chops, homemade applesauce, and sauteed asparagus.
We're pretty happy together...
There are somethings I bet we both would like a little different, but overall... this is what love is supposed to be.
I just kind of went into space for a minute.
Do you ever do that?
Where you try to imagine what your night will be like?
Sometimes my imagination goes a little overboard, and I conjure these unreal scenarios in my head. I suppose it's the Disney Princess Syndrome.... Oh? Have you not heard of this? This syndrome is made up of most women (if you are shaking your head know, you're in denial, and there's a group for you too) who in the very bottom of their hearts want the fairytale. Want prince charming to sweep them off their feet... who want the picturesque sappy chic movie ending.
I know I have this syndrome, and I know where reality is... I just.. well, I think we all like to daydream.
I hope to take a lot of pictures this weekend, and I am hoping to be able to post them next week....
Every once in a while... you need to enjoy your life.
Just a little.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Turning your blog into an online infomerical... Smart?

Recently, I notice that a few of the blogs I read are starting to have segments about local business and products...

Some are cool, some are informative...

On a whole, these blogs also have regular postings.... Which is much appreciated. Because I know that I started reading the blog for the personal insights and the bloggers written voice.

However, there is one......
And, honestly, I am considering just not following anymore.

EVERY DAY.... it's about a product.
EVERY DAY... it looks like a post about the life, what's going on... and then you read on.....
BAM... product plug.

It gets a little annoying... to be the reader and have a favorite blog turn into QVC.

But, is it smart?
I've looked into doing a few "Infomercial" type posts.... But, from what I see, there just not for me...
Not to say I wouldn't put ads on my page.... but, the QVC style angle of it all... just seems like getting a bunch of crap that I, my son, Klay or my dad... wouldn't freaking use.... and writing a review on it....

Free stuff........Only if it's from Pampered Chef.... or something I could use.......

To each there own... but, I only see constantly, on a daily basis, bombarding of products to your a way to LOSE readers.

Now, I am not pointing fingers.
I am not naming names....

If you have a blog I read, and do in fact do these types of posts... but also maintain a real blog... Trust me... it isn't about you.

It's just my opinion, and I'm sorry if it offends.

Just really hate that I lost the opinion based blog that I came to love.....



If you were a child during the 90's.... or had a Television watching child during the 90's... you probably were no stranger to TGIF on the ABC network.

Family friendly Shows that started at 8p on Friday nights.

My family, would watch
Jeopardy at 7p
Wheel of Fortune at 7:30p
and then... TGIF.
There would be pizza, and a bunch of laughs as we sat around the living room.

Today I read this:
Boy meets World... the saga continues?

As a child of the 90's...
I can't tell you how excited I am for this!

All I got to say is... if Ben Savage and Danielle Fishell do it.. then I am all in on this one!
Also, another welcome come back would be: Frankie Stecchino (played by: Ethan Suplee)

Perhaps have him come back as another teacher, Frankie always was a little too smart to be a lackie!

Once again.
Totally Excited!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Did you hear who won?




"Did you hear who's won?"

"Huh? Who won what kiddo?"

"Mama, the President Mama" *insert DUH voice here*

"OH, gotcha... who won Emry?"


**snickers** "You want to try that name out again."

"Mama, our President is The ROCK BOMBOM"
"Honey, I swear his name is BA-Rack O-BAM-AH."

"Mama, this is the United States of Merica here... It's BOMBOM."

*Smiles* "Close enough kiddo. You're right BomBom won again."


"Yes, honey."

"What happened to the catcher's mitt?"


"He beat the catcher's mitt! Do they play baseball to see who's president?"

*blinks rapidly* "Mitt.... Mitt Romney?"

*Emry nods*

"Mitt Romney is a person, not a catcher's mitt, and they do not play baseball... we vote, remember how I told you I had to vote?"

*Emry nods*
"Oh... okay Mama... I thought it be cool if they played for it."

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween... In November?

I told you about Mall-pocalypse....

But, I never told you about my Halloween Shenanigans.

Let me start from the beginning on this one.

On the whole, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to dress up.... I love Jack-o-lanterns... I love it all.

Every year, I make a point to do all things (that I feel are) associated with Halloween:
  • Make a Jack-o-Lantern
  • Put up the decorations
  • Go Apple/Pumpkin Picking
  • Get dressed up...
  • Decorate the house
  • Watch as many scary movies as physically possible
  • Go to a horror themed outing.
  • Go on a pilgrimage to the Halloween store
  • Zombify my family....

With the weather being awful this year, we were unable to do our normal outdoor display. BOO!

We didn't get to go apple/pumpkin picking as a family. However, Emry was able to go with his class.
So, with that pumpkin, we were able to make a jack - o - lantern.
(Carved it myself, I did.)

As we know, I went to a Halloween venue... and had way too much fun....

And... perused the Halloween Store!!

The weekend prior to Halloween is when all the adult Halloween parties were.... however, once again due to the weather... Unable to attend those.

However, this Mad Scientist found a Halloween party..... in NOVEMBER! Mwa-hahahahahahaha.
And attended...
We go all out... it's about the fun.....

Now, for Halloween movies... Because you know... that was COMPLETELY in my control.
  • Paranormal Activity 4
  • Patient Zero
  • Wereworlf - the beast among us
  • House on Haunted Hill (1999 remake)
  • Chernobyl Diaries
  • Apollo 18
  • Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter
  • Dead Silence
  • Freddy Vs. Jason
  • The Excorcist
  • Pet Sematary
  • Thinner (well I watched half of this one.... Emry woke up)
  • Poltergeist 1, 2, and 3 (in one sitting I might add)
  • I feel like I am leaving a few out.

And as for Zombifying your family...It's a hobby....

I believe Halloween to be one of those holidays where you can let your guard down and let your "geeky freaky flag fly"
I am copyrighting that in quotations marks hahaha... (C) KVS 2012

It's a time where you and your close friends can go out and meet strangers just as odd as you.

Candy is for kids.

The shenanigans is for us adults.

So... Halloween in November... HERE HERE!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

2 days of work.... 2 days too many


I was starting to get used to being paid to stay at home and clean the house.
I was getting use to being a house-mom.

And then, well, reality set in, they cleared the roads from Hurricane Sandy, and BAM.... here I am again.

2 days of work... 2 days too many.... Is what I say.

I have done a weeks worth of work in the 2 days I have been here.
It has been bloody awful.

British Bad.

with 20 minutes to go....
I am struggling to look busy....

My boss is leaving now... you think I can follow her out...
Probably not.

There are gas shortages up by me... or so they say.
We'll see if I can get any... I hope I can.

Just a little post .... to show I am still alive.... and well....

Happy Weekend Everyone.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's Recap! Sandy - Halloween - Work

As previously stated, my area was affected by Hurricane Sandy. As you can see.. this storm was HUGE. This storm was also met by a Snow Storm, that affected a lot of Central and Southern US residents.
But, the rain, the wind... and the overall havoc of Sandy... Was felt far and wide.
By us... Orange County, NY, We were VERY LUCKY. Some of my town is still without power... there was some mild flooding... Trees down and the like.... but all in all... No fatalities. My road, which is on slightly higher ground... well.. We were truly blessed. No power outages, just a couple of flickering lights.... Our cable went funny for a few days... no premium channels... But, SERIOUSLY... NOTHING BAD. All of these luxuries we have... are just luxuries... and we can learn to live without.
We had flashlights, and candles... Books and board games.... Bottled Water.... We were prepared to be alone in the dark... with no ELECTRICITY.... But, it didn't happen. We were, once again, TRULY blessed.
On Tuesday, I realized that our remote control has been broken... buttons not working... for months now, and since the roads were clear to Time Warner Cable.... I went over to exchange the darn thing.
I was met by a line of people... with their cable boxes... complaining and, frankly, BITCHING about their cable not working. How awful their lives are that they cannot see what is happening in the outside world.
Problem is, their cable boxes were not going to be exchanged. The problem was not with the boxes... but with the fiber optic lines, that were damaged in the storm. A nice (nicer than I would have been) customer service gal, was attempting to explain that.
This pack... MOB... of people were growing angry and just yelling at her.
Instant gratification society... GET OVER YOURSELVES!
This girl was staying calm. . . I wouldn't have.
I didn't actually.
Me.. from the back of the line,
"Excuse me! You realize that this girl is being told to do this.... That she can't do anything differently that what her supervisor is telling her to do. That you will get nowhere by screaming at her. Since she is not to blame. It's just TV get over yourselves..... Sweetheart? (to the customer service rep) I just need a new remote. . . . Buttons have been broken for ever."
She screamed "Deal!" at me and tossed me a new remote.
I looked at everyone, shook my head in disbelief, and left.
Some people.
...... But that's the extent of the Sandy Drama!
Halloween - Yesterday.
We will title this Section: Mall-pocalypse.
Every year, our local mall does something called Mall-o-ween. This is supposed to be a safe haven for trick or treating. It usually is.
Not this year.
Since a good portion of the local areas are without power... Where better to go... The mall for trick or treating...
It kind of looked like this:
But filled with parents and kids (most of which were in costume).

Parents were shoving so there little Tommy or Abigail could get the last pieces of candy that the stores had.
Strollers were being run into children (my son, was almost taken off his feet by one).
Parents were rude.. and being really pushy.
We got around the top floor and attempted to go to the bottom floor....
"Mama, I don't want to do this anymore." My scared little Power Ranger said to me.
So we left.
It was UNSAFE how packed the mall was.
Mall security was nowhere to be found.
We winded up driving Emry through a neighborhood, that had scarce amount of lights on.
Whatever happened to everyone buying at least one bag of candy? and being kind to children?
We did about 10 houses (in a street that had at least 50)... and came home with a decent haul.
The houses that were participating, hadn't received a lot of Trick-Or-Treaters... and were just giving away some amazing loot.

And now Here I am: at work, On a Thursday... a Thursday that feels like a Monday.
With all the work that should have been done DAYS ago.
Playing catchup...
So much fun *sarcasm*.
Taking my time... because Natural Disasters are not my fault.
Seriously, they aren't.... I checked with the big man upstairs... he confirmed that he had a bad cold... and that's where the wind and rain came from.... Ewww... God Boogies.
Emry is still out of school... Indefinitely.
The roads throughout our district are pretty bad.
We really were the lucky ones.
But, my father, will be out of work... until power can be restored to his job.
So, he'll watch Emry until that happens.
Small blessings.
Now to the future.
God ... who knows...
I am probably going to a Halloween party on Saturday.
90% sure of that.
It depends though....
Until later my friends.
Stay safe.