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Friday, January 25, 2013

Didn't sleep a wink.

My mouth has been hurting...
Like this deep throbby ache.
I have TMJ, so I thought perhaps I was just over tensing my jaw.
And then...
The other morning...
Upon brushing and flossing...
I notice...
Something kind of sharp stinking up through my gum...
Where my wisdom tooth should be.
Well... technically where it shouldn't be.
Because I had both on the bottom... REMOVED.
1 call to the Oral Surgeon's office who took them out.
Now I have to leave work early..
To go have a mere consult...
To discuss what we are going to do.
he wants to prove if it is in FACT roots from my wisdom tooth.
He wants to prove that the pain isn't from ANOTHER tooth, or cavity...etc.
Then and only then are we going to be able to figure out how to make my mouth stop hurting.
This is stupid.
I took Motrin last night.
I didn't sleep a wink.
The ache was that bad.
I am praying it isn't an abscess... or a cavity...
I am praying this will be an easy fix...
And not a costly one.
I feel like I am running on fumes here....
I could fall asleep.. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.
But, I know the second I tried to... my mouth would throb, and I would cry....

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  1. Oh, poor lamb. I will send you healing energy. In a few days, you'll look back and it'll be a memory.