People Just as Crazy as Me

Friday, January 11, 2013


So, I thought I would share a few photos from our Disney Vacation.
I can't physically show you all of them due to the fact I took over 400 shots.

Yes Yes Yes, I know, I get OOBER camera happy.

DAY 1: The trip to Disney and Epcot

In the airport, at "HolyCrud it's Early" A.M.

The bus trip to the Hotel.

The Art of Animation Hotel had all of the concept art on the walls... very cool.

The lighting was extremely cool.

Our whole room was CARS themed.

We were just being silly while waiting on a really long line.

EPCOT ... near the Mission Space ride.

We ate at the Coral Reef restaurant, which had the largest aquarium ever.

Every detail is thought of in Disney... it was very pretty.

Mission Space... was pretty Epic

Epcot also has the "Cities of the World" and this was Morocco. Which we had a very cool dinner.

Sections of the sidewalks... lit up like STARS on the ground

EPCOT at night.

There you have it... Day 1 at Disney.
Tomorrow I will try to post pictures of Day 2.


  1. Fun trip! Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I take tons and tons of pictures wherever I go so I understand about only posting the best ones.

  2. oh man i love epcot!! i haven't been in FOREVER, but still remember everything! looks like a super awesome time!! can't wait to see more pictures!