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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Disney - Day 3

Day 3 - Animal Kingdom & Around our Hotel!

I was really excited about this park

Coolest Tree Ever
Character Breakfast!

Happiest Face EVER!

My dad LOVES Goofy

Buildings were gorgeous

We were on SAFARI

Saw some hippos sleeping... lazy!!!!

They had the weirdest Micky Ears EVER!

Our Family

Of course we found a train ride

The Goats were OVERLY Docile


They let Emry blow the whistle on the train!

That's a large snake he is touching


My dad was really into this park too

Can't you tell?

Gorillas are my favorite!

Beautiful Buildings

Gorilla's walking around an enclosure.

It was super warm, so Emry wanted to go SWIMMING

Type casting...

Look at the pose

What a HAM!

Don't try this... other hotel guests get snippy.


I told him to turn around and do that... but, he didn't get the joke.

Sitting in the back of Mater

All in all... Day 3 was awesome!

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