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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Aunt

My Aunt Rose passed away yesterday morning.

She left this world peacefully and did not suffer.

She was awesome.
The coolest lady.

Barely 5 feet in height, and probably 90 lbs... she was a rare bird.

She went blind a few years back, but still dyed her hair (strawberry blonde/red) by herself. . . . without spilling a drop.

When I got my first tattoo, she commented that she was cool like my sister and I. Because she had gotten her eyebrows tattooed. She no longer cared to tweeze them or have them shaped.

She would always leave a message on an answering machine/voicemail like she was actually talking to you.
"Hi honey, are you there?" *she would wait for you to pick up*
"I guess you aren't there, just wanted to know how you were doing honnnney." **paused, still waiting for an answer and for someone to pick up**
"Well, I love you... Call me back... okay?" **still would pause for an answer**
"Bye, honnney."

She was sweet, genuine, and classy.

And I will never forget her.

What troubles me, is that I should have seen her more in the past year. Should have attempted to call more.
Life just kept getting in the way. It's completely my fault, and I know I should have tried harder.

All I can do now is keep her in my thoughts.


  1. Sorry for your loss, she seemed like a pretty cool lady :)Small like me! I'm exactly 5ft hehe